How to get a private pilot certificate ?

How to get a private pilot certificate ?
You will need:
  • specialized institution
  • desire to become a pilot
  • medical fitness
# 1

For Russian citizens enshrined year rule, which may be issued as a private pilot- amateur and commercial, and linear.In order to conquer the heavenly spaces, you need to present a pilot's license, which is proof that the citizen has passed specialized courses and has certain skills.Thinking about how to obtain a pilot license, should go to a special institution - the flying club.

# 2

Citizens of the Russian Federation may use the services of the company "Cessna-Robinson MSK" headquartered in Moscow.For the amateur course is 40 hours of flight, it will have to pay about 350 - 500 thousand rubles..You pay for the actual hours worked during the flight time.Tuition varies based on the airport-based aircraft.

# 3

Thinking about how to become a military pilot is worth noting that the applicant must strictly comply with the requirements, which for fans of a bit simplified.The person must be of legal

age, present a copy of a medical certificate, to pass training courses, at the end of which must pass the final exam.The candidate must confirm in theory knowledge of aircraft design features, operational management, medicine and others.

# 4

And only after that the applicant is allowed to practical training, at the end of which receives a qualification certificate.The training program can be fully mastered for 3 - 3.5 months, but the period of flight education is not limited thereto.After receiving the certificate lover, many pondering how to become a pilot of passenger aircraft.Over time, you can improve their skills.However, to pass courses qualifications necessarily have to pass a medical examination, which oversees VLEK GA.

# 5

This commission is for all airports, schools and clubs of civil aviation.Rules apply: if at least one of the doctors did not give approval, the applicant considers unsuitable for the profession.Help has a validity period: for persons under the age of 40 years - 3 years older - 2 years.Thinking about how to become a pilot of a military aircraft, it should be remembered that a prerequisite for this - military service.

# 6

Amateur, after passing the practical training under the supervision of an instructor, honing skills flight and ground training, can be satisfied only by this certificate.Thus, it is possible to solve the problem: how to get a license amateur pilot.As noted above, the total number of hours flown shall be at least 40, for commercial - 200, and linear - 1500.