How guaranteed to win the lottery " Russian lotto " ?

How guaranteed to win the lottery
You will need:
  • luck
  • permanent part
  • faith
  • magic
# 1

Anyone dreaming of a big win in the lottery.One of the most common of these games - the lottery "Russian

lotto".The main condition for winning it - continued participation and success.Many regular gamblers often wonder about how to win the lottery.Single formula, using which you can achieve permanent gains, do not exist.However, there are a number of factors and conditions, which may help in the implementation of his dream.They extend to all lotteries, including on the "Russian lotto".First of all - you need to keep buying tickets.By purchasing a ticket, there is also the chance to win a small sum of money, or one of the main prizes, jackpots, or even the jackpot.However, the occurrence of such events is very unlikely.

# 2

So after buying the first ticket and the loss is not worth much upset.You need to buy a lottery for the next draw.And to do it periodically.Only in this way guaranteed a chance of winning the lottery "Russian lotto" will continue to grow.However, it must always be its own measure.It is not necessary for the second time to buy, or even just 10 100 tickets.Such amount purchased lottery, of course, brings the possibility of winning, but at the same time and significantly increases the cost of money that can go into a loser.To qualify to win the lottery "Russian lotto" is enough to buy before each edition of 1-3 tickets.Besides continuous participation in the games there are other important factors to be considered to answer the question of how to win the lottery "Russian lotto".

# 3

The most important of them - it's luck.When buying tickets, you can try to find any logic to select the lucky draw.You can rely on the different numbers that are considered to be happy in life.It could be the date of birthdays of loved ones (parents, wife, husband, children, relatives and friends), the date of fulfillment of significant events in life (first kiss, wedding, get a job, etc.).Having defined with lucky numbers selection strategy in the selection of the ticket you need to pay attention to their presence in the most lottery or circulation in the room.In addition to the option of having certain numbers on the same ticket, you can still take into account the very day and date of purchase of the ticket.

# 4

From this, too, may depend on whether luck will acquired a lottery or not.Also, before you buy, you can get dressed in special clothes of a certain color, which brings a person good luck in certain life circumstances.Before choosing a winning ticket, you can touch the talisman (amulet), which contributed to a favorable outcome in some events, or take it with you.An important factor that will help, how to win in the "Russian lotto", it runs past statistics and analysis.On the basis of the separated sample rooms you can try to track the trend steadily falling numbers and form a selection algorithm potentially successful lottery tickets.

# 5

Any gambling should be accompanied by common sense and lottery "Russian lotto" - is no exception.Statistics winning number is certainly not a panacea, but it will allow the semi-professional players and to take into account the actual data loss combinations and form the future forecast how intuitive the report, so taking into account the real statistical and mathematical data.However, the lottery "Russian lotto" is not designed for specific digital dependent as 6 out of 45 and other similar games, so it is practically impossible on the basis of a mathematical analysis make the right choice of the winning ticket.Many people believe that certainly know how to win the lottery, you need to have psychic abilities and magic skills.

# 6

If indeed possess magical skills, be able to predict the future, create a plot for good luck, then winning the lottery "Russian lotto" is guaranteed.However, people in the world with these magical and magical skills and abilities only units.Therefore, most of the proposals for help winning the lottery through magic rituals, and even for a fee, just cheating scams.In addition to continued participation and success is another important factor in winning the lottery "Russian lotto" - is faith.One must be very focused on winning rather than mere participation.One of the most important laws of life - all thoughts are material.

# 7

So if you constantly concentrate minds on the purchase of certain items (car, jewelry, appliances, tourist package, etc.) probability of winning the lottery sum of money needed for the object of purchase which all thoughts, increases with eachonce more.Guaranteed methods of effective participation in the lottery "Russian lotto" does not exist.But there is a set of necessary components, without which it is not possible or a small prize or big.To do this, you need to constantly buy tickets to participate in the lottery, to believe in victory (much to be a definite advantage).And a little more luck.