How to conquer the Taurus man and marry him ?

How to conquer the Taurus man and marry him ?
You will need:
  • little patience
  • desire to marry the husband of Taurus
# 1

Taurus is one of the most charming and attractive signs of the zodiac.Most often are born under this sign are dedicated, caring, loving and sincere man, but to win their heart pretty hard.The representatives of this zodiac sign are able to charm almost any woman, but they at the same time may be out of reach, so the question arises, how to win the Taurus man, to conquer his heart and marry her lover?If it was just decided that the ideal man is a Taurus, then it will be useful to read this article for details on how to win the Taurus man, and what tricks can be useful for women.

# 2

One of the most correct answers to the question of how to win the Taurus, will learn to be patient and fully agree with him in everything.All his habits should be idle saints, as will be much easier to move mountains by yourself, than to try to change the life habits of the Taurus, so do not tempt fate, otherwise there is a risk of l

osing it forever.But this rule should be observed at the beginning of the relationship, and after marriage, many years later, a chance to fine-tune it for themselves, but still do not forget about caution.In no case do not give her suitor a reason to be jealous, because Taurus men themselves are very loyal, that they are waiting for, and from his lady.I am in a fit of anger he can deal not only with the opponent, but also his lover.

# 3

So, how to win the Taurus man and subdue it forever?We must try to make friends with all of his family in the first place, this applies to his mother.The representative of the sign above all appreciate the family values ​​directly, besides, he can appreciate the fact that his fiancee could easily and naturally interact with people dear to him.Also, it will be necessary to introduce her lover and his entire family.In this way it will be possible for him to show his affection, moreover, it can amuse and its own conservatism.It will be necessary to learn how to save and, most economical to farm and make unnecessary expenditures.Taurus literally worshiped zealous housewife, who can spend money rationally.

# 4

In search of an answer to the question of how to win the Taurus man and then marry him, is familiar with the basic features of the representatives of this zodiac sign.It is important to remember that Taurus, and indeed all members of the strong half of humanity, love to hear compliments in his address.We must praise not only his appearance, and that he knows how to do business and make money.Every girl who dreams to conquer the Taurus, should take particular care to look after themselves, because they are just crazy about girls, stylish and tastefully dressed, thus it is necessary to be able to be very careful, as scattered around the house things can alienate forever lover.Taurus is much higher in the girls appreciate the natural beauty and not just how was expertly done makeup.

# 5

Men Taurus will be pleased to get acquainted with the inner world of women, also need to show their own intelligence.The girl must be interesting to be able to keep up the conversation, and then the choice will be unable to resist such a temptation, and soon he will start to take care of you like a girl.We must be prepared for the fact that in the future will have to talk with Taurus on a variety of topics, so do not forget to constantly develop and improve their knowledge.

# 6

Do not immediately Taurus show their own interest, we must not only be a friendly, but a little remote.The representatives of this zodiac sign just can not stand when they try to ignore, because they always want to be the center of attention and will experience an unpleasant feeling of disappointment due to the fact that at least one woman is not interested.Therefore, all the forces will try to win her attention.