How to make a temporary tattoo at home alone ?

How to make a temporary tattoo at home alone ?
You will need:
  • Henna
  • Stencil
  • Rhinestones
  • Paints
# 1

Everyone wants to stand out from the gray mass and you can use the tattoo.However, not everyone wants to put on the skin pattern that will last a lifetime.But do not be sad, because knowing how to make the home a temporary tattoo, you can not worry about that figure does not wash off.Not a very large tattoo, which is well integrated into the overall style, it can give the image more exotic and originality.In addition, today there is a great opportunity to own a beautiful home to make a symbol that after some time away with their own skin.Figure can be applied using henna and a special stencil to the tattoo turned out neat, but it can be done without the use of henna.

# 2

Before you wondering how to make temporary tattoos at home, we must not forget about the preparatory stage.It is necessary to properly prepare the surface of the skin to the subsequent drawing of drawing, as it will depend on how long this will last a tattoo.Fi

rst, you need to take a shower, you can bath.This must be done in order to from the skin surface to remove all dead skin particles.You will also need to use a simple body scrub, which helps make the surface of the skin the ideal level, so that the picture will turn out clear and beautiful.A tattoo can be done by yourself or ask a friend if there was a desire to put drawing, for example, on the back or shoulder, to do the most is not very convenient.

# 3

Once the skin is prepared, it is necessary to determine the order in which it will be located picture itself.It is best to opt for those areas where the tattoo will not be constantly in contact with clothing or some accessories, thereby drawing on the code will last as long as possible.Also it is necessary to give up drawing on those areas where there are skin folds, as in this case, the pattern will not look very nice.The ideal option would be to opt for the wrist, ankle, and in the summer the area is perfect scapula or shoulder.As soon as the place for the future picture is selected, you can start to think about how to make a temporary tattoo at home and that this will require.

# 4

skin surface, where there will be drawing to be processed in some tonic or lotion, which will include in its membership alcohol.This is necessary in order to degrease the skin, so that figure will fall as straight as possible.In the next step, you can completely surrender to imagination and creativity.After all, if it was decided to create a temporary tattoo without the use of henna, then you can apply a variety of paint, marker, transfer tape, as well as bright crystals (the last option for most women).You can create a glitter-tattoo, that is, with the use of colors.To perform this type of tattoo, you will need to purchase a special glue, and you can find it in specialized online stores or tattoo parlors.

# 5

So, how to make a temporary tattoo at home with the use of colors?Once the special adhesive is found, it can be safely applied to the skin as it is hypoallergenic.However, if left little doubt, then you should apply a little glue on the wrist - if it appears burning or itching, then there will be an allergic reaction and you can safely proceed to the next step of creating a tattoo.In the pre-cleansed skin surface is applied to the adhesive with a brush tonchayshey.After you have completed this hard work, it is necessary to leave the adhesive base for some time to slightly dried up.Then glue sprinkled fixative, if there is a desire to make a more vivid picture, then you can apply a little glitter while the glue did not have time to dry.

# 6

glitter-tattoo can hold the skin up to 12 days, depending on how often to take a shower and how good was the degreased surface of the skin.You can make another type of temporary tattoo that is aerotatu, for the creation of which will need to take special stencil with a ready pattern.That this figure is attached to the surface of the skin is already prepared and on certain circuits must be applied to the selected paint.Do not try to peel the stencil at once, since the pattern may be a bit blurred.At the time, until the paint will dry out a bit, you need to take a clean cotton wool and put on it a little alcohol, and then treat the surface of the skin outside of the stencil on which the paint could get.

# 7

Many girls have to taste so-called crystal tattoo and for which applies not only to crystals, and gems.This pattern can be done alone at home.Crystal tattoos can survive on the skin from a few days to two or three weeks.However, in order to rhinestones held out on the skin surface as long as possible, it is necessary to treat them with extreme caution.In order to extend such an original drawing by "life", it is recommended while taking a bath or shower, a place to stick tattoo simple oilcloth.Also, this type of tattoo is suitable for the hot season, when the skin is virtually no contact with the clothing.Decorate your body temporary tattoos can be independently and at home, it is not necessary to use henna.

# 8

However, tattoos made with henna hold out much longer.One must know how to properly dilute the henna to create a pattern, to properly prepare the skin and do not forget to test for sensitivity.It should be borne in mind that for people with very sensitive skin, apply henna is strictly contraindicated, as it can cause quite a strong manifestation of skin allergies, get rid of that will be pretty hard.