Do you know how to learn to whistle loudly ?

Do you know how to learn to whistle loudly ?
You will need:
  • psychic unloading
  • lips
  • his lips
  • tongue tube
  • clean fingers
  • two fingers
  • fingerless
  • training to automatism
  • feel relaxed
# 1

Too many people every day there are stressful situations, it is inevitable in the modern world.But few know that psychologists have found a very simple and effective way of removing stress.It turns out it's just a loud shout or whistle.But since many people simply just do not understand a man who, for example, went to the balcony and began to yell for no reason, it is most suitable for mental unloading shrill whistle.And, of course, the louder it is, the better, and let the neighbors think it's naughty kids.So after all how loud whistle?Even people who know how it happens quietly.Likely, in the first place still see what ways there are to whistle and how they can be mastered.

# 2

For a man who does not know how to whistle, and did not even try this, first need to learn the most simple way is to whistle "straw", and only then proceed to

the study of more complex, but also loud machinery"two fingers".How to learn to whistle loud straw?In this process, there are nuances.First you need to understand that the way to whistle "tube" is two.The first way is when a tube offset only lip.Second, when it is connected to the folded lips and tongue, which, respectively, also collapsed tube.

# 3

consider the first method.Accordingly, we turn off the lips into a tube, and remove the language of the upper teeth, just not leaving a big gap.After that, we begin to blow air out of his mouth.It is necessary to try to blow harder and softer, her lips already collapse and wider gap between the tongue and teeth to do less or more, until you hear the whistle.Well, after a trick.More and more training will be obtained.

# 4

second method.As is clear from the explanation, should take the form of a tube, not only lips, but also the language.Therefore, if a person does not know how to turn off the language to the desired position, it simply will not work use this method.For those who can do it, you need only to roll his lips and tongue tube and start blowing air.Surely just will not work, but it is still the language of collapse or expand it, and conversely end up necessarily a person hears a whistle.Then it all depends on practice.

# 5

How to learn to whistle loud with two fingers.Just need to mention that this method young children learn is not the best idea.Since this method requires a thrust two fingers into his mouth, and the children are unlikely to run on the street home to wash your hands, for a whistle.So there is a question only of personal hygiene.Everyone should think of himself.

# 6

should also be mentioned that it is not so simple in comparison with the method of "tube".Firstly, the lips should be held tightly to the teeth and hidden inside the mouth.Further, any two fingers, which will be useful to the person, put into his mouth by the letter V and tightly pressed to his lips.The distance between the fingers, about two centimeters.It is necessary to hold the tongue tips of his fingers, bringing them in advance to each other.From the lower anterior teeth to the tongue should be a distance of about a centimeter.The tip of the tongue should be a little laid back, it should not lift.After executing this instruction, should be a force to blow out of their lungs.If done correctly, it should be heard whistling.The sound emitted by this process much louder than whistling "straw".

# 7

next way to tell you how to whistle loud and learn it quickly.Just as there are not fingers to be used, it can safely teach children.First, the lower lip pressed tightly to the teeth, hiding it in the mouth, respectively.The lower jaw is pushed forward as far as it allows the physiology, and the front upper teeth should be a little bare.The tip of the tongue should look at the front lower teeth, but in no cases do not rest on them.This language should be pushed back a little.All.Now only need to try.a deep breath and blow out should dial it out yourself with strength.This experiment should be repeated and as long as it does not turn.

# 8

Most likely, none of the above-described methods a person is not master the first time, and maybe even the second.But in any case it is not necessary to be upset and throw training.We must confidently and purposefully pursue them.And at one point, be sure to get the whistle.Quiet, uncertain, but the whistle.And then all elementary, people are effortlessly able to extract himself from the whistle, absolutely not thinking about that and how it is necessary to add tongue and lips.All will go automatically.The sound will become louder and sharper.And if a man will learn together with their children, then it will turn into a great game and as a result, to a great pastime.The joy of the children will be provided exactly.

# 9

Just do not forget about what it was necessary to learn to whistle.From the response of a human or a taxi to call for help if suddenly someone lost.But the most important is, perhaps, the fight against stress.Just something at all, after a hard day, you need to get home, stretch, go to the balcony and as loudly as possible and lingering droop, scared with the pigeons.And the mood begins to improve, the hardships will be left behind, people will feel much better.Just something at all it is necessary only to try.Exit and droop.And anyone can appreciate the results obtained with this simple and not labor process.