How to seduce and win the man of Leo ?

How to seduce and win the man of Leo ?
You will need:
  • Male lion
  • Confidence
# 1

Male lion in everything and always likes to be the center of attention.Since it is dangerous to argue and insist on his opinion.He did not forgive and can break off relations.If the task is to win the Leo man to a woman, she should really try.Surrounded by Leo only the cream of society.He is interested in bright self-sufficient nature that, just like him, I know his worth.Only from such people it can adequately perceive the praise and criticism.The gray mass of little interest, it is simply the background in his life.

# 2

to start solving the problem of how to seduce a man of Leo, it is necessary to pay attention to their appearance.Like all men, Leo primarily chooses the eyes, it is especially important for him.It may be of interest only to an aristocrat to his fingertips.Not necessarily beautiful, but it is well-groomed woman with an appropriate manner, gait, wardrobe.Home broody, sprightly woman and tomboy-hooligan will not be able to touch

his heart.He drew attention to a woman, which in turn trace all the men and half of the female population is jealous.For it is of interest to subdue and conquer is such a person.

# 3

Even if male lion swallowed the bait, you should still be alert.Yet the fact that he stuck with forever.Leo chic care in a flower-candy period relationships.To the feet of the woman - expensive gifts, rich in restaurants, exclusive vacation.He is waiting for the delight and admiration in the eyes of his beloved.Do not neglect it - Leo loves laudatory ode in his honor.And it is also possible to solve the problem, how to subdue a man of Leo.Do not forget that praise should be sincere as flattery for it is not acceptable and can offend the royal nature.

# 4

female, male lion, it is necessary to forget even about harmless flirting.If for others it is just a game, then this behavior is unacceptable for him.His girlfriend must belong fully only to him, but for others it is inviolable.He does not tolerate competition, although those rules themselves, it does not recognize.Leo will pay attention to other women, and this should be accepted.By nature he Monogamous and family will always come first.But it is important for him to get around has always been a lot of adoring women who idolize him.

# 5

But as a man loves Leo, you can admire.For his passion, he has spared neither money nor time for courting.But not all so smoothly.By showing his power, he will dictate its laws.From now on, women should forget their principles - it will point to wear, read, watch, and even that is.Of course, from the point of view of the Lion is the best and expensive.And if you want to link the fate of such a man, it's all just have to accept as a fact and not try to resist.Moreover, not showing complete submission, which must be agreed with his opinion.

# 6

woman, before which the task is to seduce a Leo man, you should know that he does not like to accept help.We can not offer it directly, especially when foreign people.For a woman who has chosen his companions a man of Leo, to be a difficult task.It must be cold and majestic queen in society, but gentle and affectionate with his chosen one.Being self-sufficient, educated, have an opinion, but to find a compromise and agreement with the partner in life.Shine in the light, like all men, but only belong to him a single.Strictly observe the verge of what is permitted.

# 7

lady male Lion Heart shall favorably reflect his regal nature and emphasize its advantages.Grey mouse and a mediocre Tikhonov has no place in his heart, they would never be interested in Leo.Therefore, before you fall in love with such a person, it is worth considering whether such greatness can stand and continuous compliance.Not an easy thing - to be a companion, "the king."