How to conquer and tame man Libra ?

How to conquer and tame man Libra ?
You will need:
  • man Libra
  • Confidence
# 1

People born under the sign of the scales, like the harmony and balance in all things.Man Libra - is gallant, an incurable romantic.It is the same with sincere reverence refers to any woman, regardless of her age and social status.To learn more about how to win a man Libra, should examine the manners of people of the nineteenth century.Man Balance as got out of that era.He loves a woman if only for the fact that it is representative of the fairer sex.It is without hesitation miss the girl forward, open the door for her, will give a coat, kissed his hand.This for him is just as easy and natural as breathing.Man Libra loves fine things.He dresses like a dandy - elegant and tasteful.Let his wardrobe was breaking from the abundance, but the clothes, that is, always has a perfect view.

# 2

However, not every woman is able to ask the question, how to conquer a man Libra, and there are good reasons.Man Libra unsure of himself, can not make a definitiv

e decision and is constantly fluctuating.Therefore, such a man needs a woman it is quite the opposite - confident, knowing what he wants, is able to quickly solve the problems of life.This does not mean that it should be aggressive, conflict, vulgar - not at all - only sensible, quiet and serious girl will win a man's heart Libra.Wait, when he first will step forward, it is not necessary.For him, it is a difficult problem and it can only accept or reject the impulse of a woman.However, its attention should not be too intrusive - it can push it.

# 3

This man likes to visit cultural institutions.Theaters, museums, libraries - here it feels comfortable and at ease.Getting in these institutions has a great chance to continue the relationship.Man Scales neglect and gyms, but here he is more interested in athletics, acrobatics and sports, where there is aggression and rudeness (boxing, wrestling), it repels.To balance the man fell in love with a woman, it is not enough to be beautiful - he is interested in mental qualities and inner harmony.His girlfriend should be kind of creative, keep it romantic feeling, to share his stance.This man is very vulnerable, does not tolerate ridicule and criticism.If he meets on the road is a woman, he will surround her with warmth and adoration.

# 4

seems not a difficult task, as the tame man Libra, but how much tact and patience required "tamer" This man is very unstable, his mood can change several times a day.In the morning he was sullen and silent, but in the afternoon showers your favorite gifts and compliments.His wife will have to take care of all the household and at the same time stay nice and attractive woman.Libra Male very trusting, so he can not be committing a serious deal - it deceived.For him, often have to make decisions, because he did not make the final choice in the state.But he has the innate justice and will never leave a person in need.His house will always be open to many friends.

# 5

But he and his family will be protected until the last breath.Native house is not just a name, here he finds peace, care, protection for him.He's a great father, who would be happy to work with children.It is not difficult to go to the meeting, led by a child on mugs in this section, and it is necessary to accept considerable costs.With him is always interesting - a great conversationalist and cheerful joker - he will be able to lure anyone.His manners, gallantry man Libra can enchant any woman.And it is to make a choice, whether it is to make him a pair, if enough power can match his ideal, and whether she needs it.