How to change the fingerprints ?

How to change the fingerprints ?
You will need:
  • Brush
  • Scanner
# 1

Fingerprinting - the science of fingerprints, is developing day by day, thus gradually responding to all questions of interest to mankind.Papillary pattern of a person on the hands are detected in a period of eighteen weeks before the birth.They can not be changed, and they are constant, unlike the rest of the body skin lines.This function is useful fingerprints during a search of people such as criminals or during identity checks.

# 2

If you have to hand over the two kinds of fingerprints, then some character elements are summarized in the person of one man.It gives the number of fingers in the direction of the similarity of the mixture: People with more than one finger, showing arched overhang may need to be stubborn than having the characteristics just one finger.

# 3

There are three kinds of advanced fingerprint, this curl, loop and arch, with its diversity.A person may be more than two kinds of fingerprints, because it is necessary to find

out the main view.Change fingerprints, i.e. the papillary pattern of hands so that it is not subject to identification, it is almost impossible.The only way to completely change the fingerprint, it is migration of the skin on the other parts of the body to the surface of the fingers.

# 4

as fingerprinting.In order to do this, pour a little mascara on the tiles of the tile, and then ride on the tile roll of rubber.In order to clean up the remnants of the carcass with a napkin, you need to ride it a little bit.Then you need to gently put your hands on a mixture of paint.This should be done with a light touch roll to the toes.Then he put his hand on a clean sheet of paper, then lightly press it to fully touch the paper.Fingerprints are ready!

# 5

How to fingerprints.This can also be done with the help of typographic ink, they are mainly used in police stations, and crushed pencil lead.It is necessary to sprinkle it on a particular subject, to look like a brush, apply a special film and remove.

# 6

How to remove fingerprints.To do this, there are many ways.It depends because they were left on what material.Clear glass with fingerprints can be a solution of water and lemon juice, with a polished furniture prints cleaned water solution with ammonia.To remove fingerprints from the surface of glossy paper, wipe it with a piece of suede.

# 7

discipline that studies how fingerprints is called in professional circles fingerprinting is based on the principles of check and compare the pictures are not repetitive skin of hands.This method, of course, perfectly helps detectives and policemen.Fingerprints have homo-fat traces remaining on the surface of objects not depending on their constituent materials, it can be as glass and wood, the same plastic, metal and paper objects.