How to make a bird feeder

How to make a bird feeder
You will need:
  • plywood sheet
  • Wooden sticks for skirting
  • Hacksaw
  • Clay
  • Self
  • varnish or paint
# 1

Before you startmilestone, it is necessary to decide on how the future will look like a feeding trough.Thus it is necessary to consider several items that, if neglected, may affect the reduction of its functionality.Everything else depends on the imagination of the master.These important points include the pallet, which will give all the best food;side bumpers that will not allow feed to fall out, and the roof.The latter will protect the birds during the meal by precipitation.

# 2

Now that we have decided on the how to make a bird feeder, you can proceed to the description of the main stages of work.We make a drawing on a sheet of plywood and Scrollsaw parts for pallet and roof.

# 3

Then, from wooden bars Scrollsaw four lateral basis and same number of ledges.

# 4

After everything you need to build is ready, you can begin to fasten parts together with screws.

# 5

Upon completion of the work, it is desirable to cover the feeder with varnish or paint.With this increase the term of its validity.A striking appearance will adorn the dull winter landscape.

# 6

If you do not want to tinker with wood or want something something original, you can just think about it from what and how to make a bird feeder with your hands.Certainly in the house there is a lot of unnecessary things that will be able to find in this case a second life.

# 7

So, for example, can be used for this purpose unnecessary system unit.Such a "piece of iron", a failed, often can be found in the barn.Basically do something, in fact, nothing special and not have to.All you need - is to release the block from the "stuffing" and the trough in the style of hi - tech ready.

# 8

especially "lazy" can use cartons of milk or juice.In order to turn it into a bird feeder, you must make a hole and hang the bag on the tree.Truth will last a long fixture.Cardboard quickly deteriorate under the influence of moisture.