Kā veidot patversme dzīvniekiem

How to build a shelter for animals
You will need:
  • Cash
  • enthusiasts, volunteers
  • place for the construction of a shelter
  • materials for its construction
  • Sponsors
# 1

Weigh the pros and cons.Try to calculate not only the tangible costs (at least at the initial stage of design and construction of the shelter), but also their own.

# 2

not start work if you do not have sponsors and helpers.It is better to be engaged in their search.A good way - to turn to the public through the media.Advertise in newspapers, TV, use social networks, etc.Adherents necessarily respond.

# 3

The decision was made?Then go to the administration of your region to register a new non-profit organization - the animal shelter.You should contact the Department on work with public organizations.

# 4

Sign a lease for the premises or land where the shelter will be placed.This place should be away from residential houses, kindergartens, schools, but relatively close to the city, and have a convenient all-weather access.So it will be useful

for future owners and for people who work here.Vegetable garden area reliable, better impenetrable fence (in the winter will be less blow).

# 5

Equip places where your pets will live.They must be spacious, comfortable and safe, and that it will be - cages, cages or kennels - the choice is yours.Ideal would be to have a separate place and feeding each animal.In total, you should have allocated six separate areas for pets quarantine zone (for new entrants and not surveyed);for animals with skin diseases;infectious diseases; for individuals infected with skin parasites and infectious;healthy (vaccinated, treated, sterilized);for the wounded and postoperative animals.Consider the fact that in the summer here should work ventilation, while in winter the room should be warm.

# 6

Build storeroom.This, at least: warehouses, kitchen, honey.room, staff room, toilet, septic tank.

# 7

Distribute duties among volunteers: Purchase and delivery of feed and medicinal products;veterinary services;feeding, cleaning of the territory;waste disposal;Information support.Assume that 15-20 animals must be no less than five people (with you).

# 8

Keep a record cast of animals, record the contact numbers and addresses of the new owners.Do not hesitate to call them to find out about the fate of their pets.

# 9

Build an animal shelter is very difficult task.Good luck in this noble but difficult task!