How to buy tickets online ?

How to buy tickets online ?
You will need:
  • Internet
  • Plastic bank cards or electronic purse
  • These passports of the Russian Federation, if the trip takes place on the territory of Russia
  • data of the passport, if the trip takes place outside the Russian
  • Printer
# 1

using any search engine you need to find the airline's website or intermediary company that sells tickets for air travel.

# 2

then need to go to the selected site and click "Book Now", then the screen will display a form that must be filled.

# 3

In this form, you must select a city from which the flight will be performed, and the city that will be the final destination of the flight.Then you need to mark your desired dates and click "Search".

# 4

You will then see a list of flights that match the search parameters.Choosing from a list of suitable, you need to click on it with the mouse, which will open a window where you will need to enter the personal data of passengers.There is also a contact phone number and e-mail, which will be sent

a notification and a ticket.After filling out the need to double-check the correctness of these data, since they will be reflected in the ticket.After verification, you can click "Continue".

# 5

Next comes the phase of ticket payment.Usually we offer the following payment methods: bank card, electronic money transfer through payment systems or payment in our office.On the same page you will find important information on the full cost of the ticket and passport data of passengers, it should carefully check again.

# 6

After completing the payment process, check their e-mail, specified at time of booking.On it should come notification about buying myself an e-ticket.It needs to print, it will need at planting.

# 7

As can be seen from the instructions, you can book a ticket directly from home or from work, without wasting time and money on the road.In addition, as practice shows, the cost of electronic tickets, the airline ordered below.Good luck!