How to create a comic online portal?

How to create a comic online portal?
You will need:
  • Confidence
  • good sense of humor
  • Knowledge
  • Cash
# 1

To open your own comic portal, think to begin with - and whyit you want?If you are absolutely sure of their desire and do not intend to retreat, draw a small market analysis services.

# 2

Go on existing sites.Look at their clearance, attendance.Pay attention to what the most popular jokes, read reviews of visitors.

# 3

Analyze what factors depends on attendance of web portals.Count the number of humorous sites that exist in your area (use the special services).

# 4

Collect initial information, which must be present on your page.Find and download exciting humorous stories, jokes, anecdotes, toasts, congratulations, facts, customs and traditions.Download as video and audio material.This would be appropriate and humorous postcards, animations, emoticons and blestyashki.

# 5

If you are a regular internet user and do not know how to write a program, you need to apply to the competent specialist or a compa

ny that is engaged in it.A professional programmer will create an Internet portal in accordance with all your wishes and requirements.

# 6

Suppose your site has already been created.It has everything you need for a standard comic portals.It remains to add a couple of highlights of which will be beneficial to distinguish your page from the rest.How do I know what is needed?The answer to this question can only give users and visitors of your site.Make a survey of visitors, what they would like to see or change.Allow your users to add new and exciting stories, anecdotes, and so on.

# 7

What is your portal to become the most popular?Let as many links to your comic page.Tell your friends and acquaintances;print business cards with the address of your site and an invitation to visit the page.Handing users a bonus for attracting people.

# 8

To the site began to bring you the money, put an unusual advertising.The more unwound (attendance) this or that page, the more expensive it is worth placing on advertising.With the right approach humorous portal can bring not only fun, but also profit.Good luck!