How to move a jet lag ?

How to move a jet lag ?
You will need:
  • Moderation in food
  • Avoiding alcohol and coffee
  • careful choice of departure time
  • Willpower
# 1

term "jet-LEG" "Jet-legom "travelers called time difference.Avoid it if travel is impossible.If the difference is a few hours, you can try in advance to get used to the rhythm of a new place.However, if the difference is more than 3 hours, to use this method becomes problematic.Therefore, the first thing that occurs at the airport - it is the sleepy passengers, abusing coffee.When a change of time zones, added an enormous difference in climate and the pressure drops, the acclimatization may take about a week, and darken stay in the country.Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the flight in advance, it will not be more than on the eve of how to sleep and relax.The illusion that you can sleep on the plane is not confirmed, firstly, normally relax in a chair close to the sitting position is not possible, and secondly, you are not alone and can not be avoided grazing flight a

ttendant or other passengers, quietly and requests skip the toilet.In flight, the better to choose water, other drinks, you can take a few extra bottles.Dehydration, which accompanies the flight, exacerbating the body's reaction to the change of time zones.If you have to change trains at the airport, you need to spend time with benefits, visit the shower, or go for a massage, it will give strength and energy.

# 2

There are simple ways to reduce the period of adaptation.We must still try to reduce the time difference, to adjust to the conditions, as close to the regime of the country in which you are flying.This is to help correct the biorhythms of the body and reduce the time of restructuring.- If you choose the tickets, you need to take into account the time zone difference, it does not concern option when you have to buy tickets at an inconvenient time for economic reasons.When the flight to the east is better to choose an evening flight, try to get some sleep on the plane, perhaps even easy to take sleeping pills to ease the process.Then you arrive in the morning, and the day you need to spend the most active, so easy to fall asleep in the evening.When departing the west is suitable reverse scheme - to fly in the morning or in the afternoon, on a plane or in any case not sleep.Arriving at the destination will be in the evening, the rest of the evening you need to spend an active and try as much as possible in time to go to bed.- On the plane you need to drink more and eat less.The excess food weakens the body and adaptation is even more difficult, for the time necessary to refuse such stimulants as tea and coffee.You can drink validol, which in addition to beneficial effects on the heart and has a hypnotic effect, the same effect and have Corvalol valokordin.- The easiest way not to deal at all with the change of time zones, and afford to smoothly enter into a new rhythm, active and busy trip will contribute to this program.However, such a luxury can afford only those who embarks on a journey of at least 2 weeks.If you have a short visit to work, you have to suffer from insomnia, and in the morning to drink strong coffee, waiting for the end of the trip ... Be strong!Good luck!

quite well to move the jet lag, I would advise during flight is strictly avoid alcohol and fatty pischi.Takzhe should show the willpower and the patience to like.