How to use a plastic card ?

How to use a plastic card ?
You will need:
  • plastic card with money on it
  • Care
  • Accuracy
  • Caution
# 1

Typically, paying the product or service you are giving plastic cardthe cashier and he in your presence carries with it the process of reading the information.It checks the authenticity of the card and the ability to pay the requested amount of the card.Sometimes you can ask for proof of your identity, but this cashier has to justify his claim.

# 2

After the payment procedure is completed, the cashier should give you a sales receipt or shopping slip, on which you ostovlyaet his signature.The process of making the payment on an electronic terminal takes just minutes and is fully automated.

# 3

In some cases, there is a situation when you decide to return an item.Then the cashier performs cancellation operations and makes the return of purchase, making out a new check, check, or the old slip destroyed.

# 4

Meanwhile, pay for something using a credit card, you can not only directly through the box offi

ce, but also through special ATM machines that accept cards for payment.For example, you want to make utility payments, pay for an internet connection or mobile service.In this case, you insert the card into the terminal, select the services that you want to pay and the amount.Then, type the PIN of your card and automatically debited from the account money.The terminal will return your card and issue a receipt for the transaction.

# 5

It is not necessary each time to go to the ATM to pay for certain services.You can set a monthly debit from your account certain sums intended for the organization that will receive the money - mobile operator, bank, kindergarten and so on.

# 6

Payment by credit card is very convenient and when making purchases over the Internet.The order form will need to enter the three-digit identification code, which is indicated on the map immediately after the sixteen-digit card number.At the ordered goods store must send you a check for a purchase.

# 7

In order to cash out the money stored on your card, you should contact the bank or use an ATM.When withdrawing money through ATM machine must enter the PIN code, and in the same bank, this procedure is similar to the procedure of purchase of the goods in the store.In both cases, you will be given a receipt.

# 8

At the end of each month, the bank generates for the client account statement that lists all operations performed in the past month.

# 9

And finally.Keep receipts for all transactions.This is done in order to ensure regularity of the write-downs, as this will only need to synchronize your data with the information specified in the bank statement.