For those who want to know how to make a card for an anniversary !

You will need:
  • internet access
  • cardboard
  • paper origami
  • stationery
# 1

happens that the time before the holiday remains very little, and go shoppingin search of a suitable card once.In such cases, bail could greeting online services - are sites through which you can send a virtual card via email or social networks.To do this, we just need to find an appropriate site on the Internet, read the instructions, for example, send a postcard shimmering, musical greeting, and so on. E., To choose the right and send.

# 2

If there is enough time to do something with their hands, the best option would be found in newspapers, magazines or on the Internet to see how to make a postcard with a surprise or just an original greeting card.Such gifts are especially pleased to receive because they are unique and are prepared with special care.

# 3

most creative - it deliver extraordinary origami-card to someone you want to surprise.Since origami - complex art, it would be good to visit a master c

lass and learn from professionals how to make origami card, and then try to repeat this at home.

# 4

So suitable card is selected on the Internet, or make your own hands, or even just bought in a shop - but there is one important element to the moment of delivery: it is necessary to sign the card.It would seem, nothing complicated in this, but there are many nuances that must be considered.For example, you need to know that when greeting a superior or colleagues commonly used phrases, official;at the same time, if you want to congratulate a loved one, you can allow the use of informal language.It is necessary to take into account gender, age and social position.So, before you sign a postcard to a colleague, parents, a good friend or loved one, you need to think it through, it will look appropriate and what is not.

# 5

For any gift must be approached with care and creativity.We need some time to consider how to react to it the recipient that you want to say to your gift.