How to make a postcard out of cardboard is easy and simple ?

How to make a postcard out of cardboard is easy and simple ?
You will need:
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Scissors
  • lace or satin ribbon
  • Scotch
  • Clay
# 1

Every man wanted on any holiday relative orfriend make a postcard with your hands, so that she was creative and display all the senses.But many throw this venture and buy ready-made postcard.This is wrong, because to do even the most simple card will not be difficult, besides, its value will increase, because it is done by those who gave it.So, how to make a simple postcard?We proceed to the instructions for creating one of the cards.The gift is intended for a female audience grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and the like.

# 2

Home Cards are placed flowers and various sweets.As a basis we can take an ordinary colored paper, cardboard or some velvet material to card looked more beautiful.Let us turn to the labels, which will decorate the card.We must cut the picture itself from any unnecessary book or magazine, and glue it on a specially-prepared square piece of paper with the size

6,8H6,8 and attach the same sheet on skrapbumagu.

# 3

Next, using adhesive tape, double-sided, it is desirable, attach a picture to the front of the card.In the same way to make a logo with congratulations.How to make a flower on a postcard?There are many examples of the quilling technique.This flower is unusual look with the main side of the card.And the final touch - lace.Lace can be used as a platter for a card, it will create a finished look.

# 4

How to make a greeting card to the veteran?You can take to create your own postcards previous idea or succumb to the imagination.No matter what is depicted on the card, it is important as it is to give.To make the card a veteran, you can use non-standard methods, and to do it in the form of any animal in the interests of the person and his beliefs.How to make a greeting card to the teacher?Best greetings to the teacher - student exemplary behavior and good grades, but still on the card.You can make a graceful postcard.

# 5

To do this, make a frame that would emphasize the fact that in the center.And decorate the center postcards lace and sequins, beads.This card is quite suitable as a greeting to the teacher.But to sign a postcard to the teacher?At the very card you can do with paint or glitter beautifully printed text.And, most importantly, the text must be sincere, full of gratitude and reverence for the gift of the teacher.Make a postcard with your hands will not be difficult, but it takes a lot of joy to whom it is addressed.