How to make a greeting card to Dad for his birthday ?

How to make a greeting card to Dad for his birthday ?
You will need:
  • Oznakmitsya instructions
  • Clay
  • Scissors
  • Colored paper
  • photos or color printer
# 1

As a joke, many - the easiest way to make a greeting cardthe holiday - is to buy it in the store.However, it is open to really make the hands look more earnestly.It's nice to get a gift not a "rubber stamp" card, which is unique.It shows how roads people postcard creator, who has spent a lot of effort to make it neat and beautiful.

# 2

Assume that the next holiday - a day the pope was born, so the knowledge of how to make a postcard dad - is very important.The most important thing - it is to stock up on improvised materials - cardboard, colored paper, glue and scissors.What can be made of these materials is limited only by the imagination of the creator of the product.You can make a great card - a piece of cardboard to decorate a variety of patterns, cut out of paper, write a couple of good wishes, as well as sticking to the sheet joint family photo with his father.

# 3

If prior to the date of birth of his father, or another family member far away, and the nearest holiday is, for example, Easter - that know how to make a card for Easter will be useful.Card for a light Christian holiday will please anyone who honors the holiday traditions.The stores sell a lot of Easter decorations, such as Easter stickers.They can easily be used for a card.Perhaps it is better not to use the card faces of the saints, it is like to do industrial manufacturers.

# 4

To card for any occasion has been successful, it is necessary to know how to make the right card.It is worth paying attention to the identity of the person who designed card.It should be more or less aware of its taste, color preferences, hobbies.Given this data, it is possible to create the most suitable person postcard, which he will actually glad.Wishing on the card should not be formal - it is best to write it by hand with emotional overtones, characteristic of communication with the giver receives a gift.

# 5

possibilities on how to send otkrytkudrugu or relative who is in another city, is now very wide.For example, you can send a greeting card in the mail parcel or by regular mail, depending on the size.You can even create a card on your computer or scan made by hand and send it by e-mail or through a social network.Handmade made independently card always attract the attention of the person to whom it is presented.It will stand out sharply from the number of cards purchased, and words and desires, which are written in it, will be much more valuable and meaningful.