Like Lake Baikal protected person?

You will need:
  • knowledge
  • love of nature
# 1

uniqueness of this lake not only in its variety of animals, the plant world.The fact that, as, in fact, the object of tectonic origin, it has survived all these he lake.The life of such a reservoir is limited to 15 thousand. Years.While Lake Baikal, according to the researchers, more than 30 million. Years.Of course, such a legacy as Lake Baikal, guarded man.In 1996 it was included in the list of UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

# 2

As more and deepest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal is famous for its clear waters.In this regard, we can say that he himself and cleans.After all, as long as the lake was formed, Baikal has not filled with muddy sediments not turned into a swamp.But this is what happens with all the identical ponds.What's the matter?It turns out, the crystal clear, it is saved thanks to the endemics - crustacean epishura.But the lake flows into more than three hundred rivers.That is, they produce a greater degree all the environme

ntal problems.

# 3

Selenga River carries pond waste water factories and enterprises of the Chita region.Pulp and paper mill in Buryatia, throwing solid waste, air pollution.This, anyway, is in the lake.This also flock to the fields all chemicals.There is another problem - the Angara.As the river flows out of the lake and has a drop of 380 meters, it built a cascade of hydroelectric power stations.As a consequence, it changed the level of water in the lake.This leads to changes in the ecosystem.

# 4

environmental scientists concerned about the situation, sounding the alarm.How to preserve what nature has given us?It creates protected areas, protected by law.Today, in the region of three national parks and five nature reserves.More than 20 nature reserves and around 250 unique objects and monuments of nature.There are programs that regulate how a person uses the lake Baikal.Established a differentiated regime of protection.

# 5

However, these measures are not enough.We need a tough program at the state level to coordinate actions and alleged actions of all regional businesses and organizations.And then, perhaps, the sacred sea, as it is called Baikal locals live another thirty million years, delighting and hitting its uniqueness for future generations.

# 6

Many researchers (not only domestic, but also at the global level) are inclined to believe that the Baikal is very important for the planet.People do not get along without him.Mankind simply can not survive without this unique object.And in this - another mystery Siberian freshwater sea.