Why crunches spine ?

Why crunches spine ?
You will need:
  • exercises for the spine
  • fitball
# 1

Many faced with the phenomenon of a crunch of joints at or acquaintances.Who was he indifferent who drives into a panic and search for "treatment" who directs the doctor with a question to understand why crunches spine.But in order to draw any conclusions from this sound, you need to understand the mechanisms and the causes of its origin.The fact that the crunch in the spine itself is not terrible omen of disease - it can appear in perfectly healthy people.

# 2

This sound occurs in the joints of the spine.The mechanism of the phenomenon is as follows.Between the joints there is a gap filled with a liquid-lubricated to prevent mutual friction - the synovial fluid.With a significant increase in the gap between the joints is changing dramatically interarticular pressure fluid, which causes cavitation phenomenon: the emergence of bubbles in a liquid substance pairs at sharp changes in its pressure, accompanied by sounds.It is distorted

when passing through the muscle tissue, and are perceived as "crunches the spine."

# 3

Increasing the gap between the joints may occur in the transition from an extended stay in a static pose to sudden movements or warm-up (for example, when crunched vertebrae when kneading the back and neck after a long sitting at the computer, and so on. D.).In this case, the crunch is not completely innocuous and means danger, as a natural phenomenon in this case, and relieves discomfort.

# 4

Fear is only in that case, if the spine is often crunches, crunch, and in addition there is pain or significant discomfort in the back.The fact that some diseases may reduce back spine mobility that increases the rate of increase in the clearance even when the usual loads and motions, which leads to frequent crunch, which becomes one of the symptoms.Among the diseases that become more frequent this phenomenon: low back pain, disc protrusion, herniated discs, ankylosing spondylitis, curvature of the spine, trauma and others.It is because of this spine crunches.

# 5

Therefore, if the crunch is accompanied by pain, or it became too frequent and accompanies everyday persistent habitual movements (walking, small household loads) or participation after an injury, you should consult your doctor in order to check for problemsback.By itself, the crunch can not be cured, because he - a standard phenomenon harmless.Dermatologic may only causes increased frequency of its occurrence, so phrases like "how to cure the crunch in the spine" are meaningless.Therefore, we must soberly and critically assess their condition if 4:00 sit in one position, and then reached out and hear the crunch - not a reason to be treated, and the "hrustenie" when walking, and the constant feeling of pain and discomfort is not necessary to turn a blind eye.