How to make a master key for the lock with your own hands ?

How to make a master key for the lock with your own hands ?
You will need:
  • Metal plate
  • Set Needle
  • set of files
# 1

In life, it happens that the metal door closed and the keys are lost, and the person can not getin his apartment or lost key to the safe, where important documents are stored.Of course, spoil the door or safe, you do not want, and then one way out - to do master key for the lock.Considering the theme of how to make a master key for the lock, should pay attention to what form is the key.For the manufacture of master keys may require a flat, oval or bulk harvesting.To begin to consider how to make a master key of a flat kind with teeth.You will need a flat metal that is necessary to adjust the thickness, using emery stone.After receiving the desired thickness, the workpiece should make the required length and width.Next, required to make the layout of the grooves on both sides and for this you should use a caliper.

# 2

After all the measurements, it is necessary to consider how to make the pick and what instrument would require.

Measured ditches can be done easily with the help of a set of needle files, which slowly selected slots.At home, it takes about 10 minutes of work to do one groove.Usually the workpiece is required to fulfill their three pieces, so you need 30 minutes of time.Next, insert the blank into the keyhole and check its movement.If it slides freely, then grooves are formed perfectly and further boring is required.If it walks and tightly clings to the inside, then the workpiece will be attrition, which must be removed by means of needle files.

# 3

Considering the topic, how to open the lock master keys, it should be understood that the present teeth on the key operate even pressure on the latch inside the lock.If there is a plurality of teeth, it does not mean that they are all involved.Sometimes, only two of them are operable, and the rest provide only the appearance of the complexity of the assembly.In this case, in order not to suffer for a long time, it is easier to draw on the blank key all the teeth, and to chisel their usual file or needle files, and then, chamfer and check for movement in the keyhole.

# 4

If all burrs are removed, the hooks will not happen, and you can try to turn the heart of the castle.To understand how to use master keys, you must understand that installed inside the balls must fall within a certain distance, at a pressure on them.If they do not fall into the desired cells, then the lock just will not open.For example, the lock can be opened by a small plate, which is necessary for rotating the lock core and a thin but strong wire, which is done through pressure on the pins.That is, pushing the balls from one should rotate the lock plate and the latch grip lowered, after which perform the same operation with the other springs.