How to make a fence on their own grave ?

How to make a fence on their own grave ?
You will need:
  • fences
  • Shovel
  • Painting
# 1

To protect the burial place of the foreign penetration and destruction of the fence should be set to the grave.Also, when installing fences burial place becomes more aesthetic and well-groomed appearance.Fences can be made to your own design, but this is to know how to make the fence at the cemetery on their own.The cemetery fence can be made of metal, they are divided into forged and welded, and can be made of stone, granite ie.Graveyard fence can be supplemented with cast-iron elements.Wrought iron fences have their own advantages, the main advantages of forged fences is the possibility of performing art forging that give the opportunity to supplement a fence separate individual decorations.Fences in the grave are quite different, the most simple to manufacture are considered to be welded fences.The hardest thing is performed forging products, which is why they are quite complex to manufacture.

# 2

most popular is wrought-iron fences in

the grave, but in its manufacture another question arises, how to paint the fence at the cemetery.Caring for these fences a minimum, they should be only once a year, to tint, to make well-groomed appearance.The paint should be chosen on the basis of the fact that the fence will be on the street in any weather, and it will be affected by the sun and frost, so it should be resistant to temperature changes.Fences in the grave is made by welding metal rods to each other and thus it is necessary to make every element of the fence alone, you need to make the supporting pillars, gate valve at the gate and the bulk of the small sections.However, it is necessary to know how to install the fence at the cemetery, so that it does not fall on a gust of wind or by intruders.Each part of the installation is fastened together with bolts and forms the finished design.Each piece should be strengthened with a special cross.

# 3

Metal fences in the cemetery are different in that they are very reliable, resistant to external natural events, strong, durable and visually attractive enough.Many people wonder how to brew the fence at the grave of their own.To do this, you must have all the required materials, namely metal rods desired height and diameter, is also very important to have at least minimal skills of welding works.Forged and welded metal fences give grave well-groomed appearance, and even after a sufficiently long period of time, they do not lose their aesthetic qualities, all this is due to the anti-corrosion coatings, as well as a very thorough treatment of all parts.During the manufacture of fences should be remembered that it should be combined with a monument and to emphasize his appearance.At the same time the fence should fulfill their direct duties, namely to protect the monument and site.