Do you know how to breed fish ?

Do you know how to breed fish ?
You will need:
  • Fish
  • Observation
  • Caviar
# 1

Reproduction - this is a wonderful process, which resulted in a new life there.And if all mammals clear how fish breed known not for everyone.Reproduction of fish occurs mainly through throwing and laying eggs.Females lay eggs, which are subsequently subjected to "treatment" of male sperm.At the age of sexual maturation of fish is different.It depends on the fact, in which lane they live: in the north or the south.Pisces, which is the habitat in the northern latitudes, ripen later than four years than those who live in the south.

# 2

Before breeding the fish, it is important to understand their sexual differences.Visually distinguish a female from the male will be difficult.Although many individuals for the period of their reproduction appears more distinctive sex characteristics.This can be a bright color, or a rash on the body and head.When you see how fish swim, it seems that males and females are about the same amount.But in fact - fa

r from it.For example, at an early age the fish dominate males at the age of six years, the ratio of females to males is aligned, and by age 15 among them are practically one female.

# 3

Generally, a fish breeding process are quite responsible.They get off in shoals and begin to move against the flow of the reservoir.It might seem like breathing fish, because some of them spawn in the tributaries of the river, right in line with other, while others follow in floodplain lakes.On the duration of the delay period, the temperature of eggs is crucial.Before the fish begin to spawn, the water in the pond should have time to warm up well.Therefore, the southern fish begin breeding much earlier north.

# 4

After some time, instead of eggs there is a larva.It almost looks like an adult fish.She has a long body, large eyes and a bag in which the supply of nutrients.In the larva is not fins and scales.After the stock passed from the mother is exhausted, larvae have to independently produce their own food.Approximately a month later the larva appears scales, fins and begin to develop, and it soon turns into a real fish.

# 5

It should also be noted that there are in nature and viviparous species of fish.Some fish do not lay eggs, they are born fully formed, ready to fry an independent life.Unfortunately, the adult fish can not distinguish their young to feed.As a result, in many live-bearing fish is killed newborns, because their parents have simply eaten.The development of the young in viviparous fish occurs in different ways.Many species of fish, baby is connected to the female body and is powered by it.In others, the fry hatch from the egg just before the birth.In this case, the young individual power carried by the yolk.For live-bearing fish species include many species of sharks, sea bass and other marine fish mostly.As for aquarium fish, it is viviparous and platypus guppies.