Why shoes squeak when walking ?

Why shoes squeak when walking ?
You will need:
  • shoes
  • creaking
# 1

Every girl wants a guy waiting for her.It can be guessed about her approach, by the sound of heels, or for a light aroma of eau de toilette.But, it is not desirable that the guy coming of the beloved associated with a squeak of shoes that she wears.It is very unpleasant when the creaking shoes when walking.What should I do to footwear ceased to behave in such a way to squeak and bang.After carefully selected shoes, people want to feel comfortable and comfortable wearing shoes, moreover, that it affects and mental attitude.Masters, manufactures shoes claim that the shoes of good quality walking should not creak.If walking shoes squeak, and reminds not greased cart, it means to them exactly what something is wrong.

# 2

It can be assumed that this factory marriage, which was formed even in the workplace.The creaking of shoes may indicate poor quality skin, which is made from the couple.If the manufacture of footwear under the skin between sutures or ge

ts something extraneous, the shoes also will notify via squeak.One way or another, but these cases are included in the category of marriage in the workplace.Do not think that the emergence of a squeak - not a reason to return the shoes back to the store.In return there is bound to listen and try to understand why the creaking shoes when walking.Upon presentation of a check, the seller is obliged to replace the old shoes in the new one, which will not squeak while walking.Either return the money spent on the purchase.If there was a misunderstanding, and sellers say baseless claims, in which case it is recommended to arm a book of consumer rights and to visit them again, but demanding moral compensation and threatening litigation.Then the choice simply does not remain.

# 3

If these shoes - the dream of a lifetime, and they are unique, you can try to fix the situation yourself, thus save yourself and, of course, the people around them from the constant annoying squeak.One can use conventional sunflower oil, grease their sole, provided that it, like shoes made of leather.If there is such a rare thing as olive, it is better to take advantage of it, pre-heating it.Another method to eliminate squeaking - creaking shoes wrapped in a damp cloth and leave in this position overnight.It may well be that the shoes just did not manage to spread.A moisture will make it on their own, without the presence of helpers.Besides the horrible, annoying squeak, squeaky shoes on popular belief promises hosts all sorts of troubles and misfortunes.Therefore, if superstition above all, you must take immediate steps - to get rid of a terrible squeaking.