How quickly cool beer?

How quickly cool beer?
You will need:
  • sand
  • cooler bag
# 1

During the summer, people are often faced with the problem of cooling the beer.During the huge beer party must take into account that a normal refrigerator holds a few bottles, which is clearly not to be missed.The most optimum beer temperature is regulated depending on individual taste preferences, but also on the density and strength of the drink.Recommended temperature of light beer - up to 8 ° C, dark and strong - up to 15 ° C. to guess how quickly cool beer in small quantities, it is easy.For this handy fridge.The problem is that there is enough space for 7-8 bottles, as any normal family still keeps it and other products.Specialty stores sell bags-refrigerators, which will be convenient to take with you.

# 2

While at home, you can pre-freeze glasses freezer for half an hour.This glass cooling occurs instantly.The only trouble - keep a glass owl is not convenient because of its permafrost.People need to know how to check the quality of the bee

r, and especially how cool it.You can pre-purchase a sufficient amount of ice or prepare it yourself.Arrange the bottles in an empty bath or other suitable container, pour half the water to throw on top of the ice.Adding salt will slow the melting of ice.Going to the nature of the need to think about how to keep beer and cool it in such uncomfortable conditions.It is necessary in advance to get any bag, then to fill it and immerse in water.Pre tied to trees and stones weighing.

# 3

Well, if there are nearby sand.Then it is possible to drip bottle about half a meter.The deeper the dig, the colder it becomes.Humidity sand may further give water.An hour later, you can start reaching for your bottles, and during this time, you can just think about how to cook mussels with beer.If no sand, no water nearby is not observed, you can use a damp cloth.Turn the bottle and set it on the wind or on draft.It is necessary to protect the beer from sunlight.The most radical method is a fire extinguisher.Bottles of beer poured its contents.The result is almost instant.Will only get rid of the resulting foam.How often can I drink beer, chilled in this way, help to solve the fullness of the purse, because the fire extinguisher is not the cheapest thing in the markets and shops.