Australia: how is the continent with respect to the equator ?

You will need:
  • world map
  • Globe
# 1

minimum knowledge of modern man requires awareness of the general geography of the planet Earth, the location and names of continents and oceans, about their features and dimensions.Australia for various parameters is a wonderful continent, a separate location which is largely determined its uniqueness.

# 2

In order to understand how the continent is to the equator, it is necessary to know what is actually the equator.It is an imaginary line drawn on the Earth's surface perpendicular to the plane of the Earth's rotation axis and intersecting it exactly in the middle.Geographically, the equator is a very long and parallel divides the planet in the Northern and Southern hemisphere.Therefore, with respect to the equator can be located in the north or the south.

# 3

So, Australia is one of the two continents (apart from Antarctica), which are entirely south of the equator.Knowing how the continents are called, you can see how all the others, except

for these two, or cross the equator, or are to the north of it.Interestingly, for all the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, Australia's inhabitants are opposites, that is, they have the opposite.For example, when the Europeans winter - Australians summer.

# 4

Separated from the rest of the continents of Australia led to a location that is thousands of years developed a unique flora and fauna.As a result, a great number of representatives of the Australian flora and fauna are endemic, ie found only on this continent.For example, Africa as a continent or South America also have territories located on the same latitude as Australia, however, their flora and fauna has counterparts in other continents, as they are connected to them geographically.

# 5

If Australia is located in the south of the equator, then on the globe it is necessary to look at the bottom part of it.Australia can be found to the right of Africa, Eurasia, below, to the left of South America and just above Antarctica.Australia as a continent less than others, but it is easy to find because of its isolated location.And Australia is washed by two oceans: the Indian and Atlantic.

# 6

should also pay attention to the bottom part of the map, because the south is always on the cards at the bottom of Searching for Australia on the world map.Considering the overall physical map of the world or the physical map of the eastern hemisphere, Australia is very easy to see at the bottom right, just below the equator.In general, Australia is remarkable and interesting to study in all its dimensions:.. Geographical location, unique flora and fauna, the pre-colonial, colonial and contemporary history, etc. Perhaps someone after determining Australia's position with respect to the equator, want not only morelearn about this continent, but also to visit it.