As silver is mined in the Urals ?

As silver is mined in the Urals ?
You will need:
  • silver ore
  • ores containing silver
  • expedition
# 1

On the territory of our state deposits of silver ores are not so great.Main deposit, supposedly located in the Urals.On the existence of silver in these places they knew before the XIV century.Novgorod was mined there this metal in large quantities at the time: only Lithuanian prince Vytautas was paid indemnity for the loss of the battle of 60 pounds.And this, before the opening of the continent America, considered a myriad of (namely the main deposits of silver in the world located on two continents, the American).

# 2

As such, the silver ore in the Urals almost absent.So, as the mined silver in those fields?The bulk of this precious metal is produced from sulfide ores.It also has: indium, zinc, gallium, cadmium, scandium, germanium, as well as precious metals: gold and silver.Determine the contents of elements in pyrite ore is only possible after processing.A silver ore deposits defined as easily as clean silver amm

onia: soaked in the substance swab make a noble element of shine.

# 3

deposits containing ore containing silver, are gradually being depleted, but demand for silver products for industrial and civil high.Because the question of how to cover the necessary production of silver is extremely urgent.However, continued development of Ural deposits, mined ore even with a small amount of noble metal.Mined in an open manner.

# 4

As Ural medieval miners recognize that the ore contains silver, it is a secret learned how to distinguish silver from metal - is unknown.But his secret was not given.In our time, whether or not contained in the ore of silver can easily install any chemical laboratory.Expedition geologists continually deliver regular samples of materials chemists, but it is moving forward not.The new silver deposits in the Urals is not revealed yet.

# 5

Today silver is mined in the Urals, but it is in other fields - open by Soviet geologists.In recent years production of silver has fallen dramatically since the ore deposits are exhausted.It remains classified either look medieval mines, or learn another question related to how to care for silver, so that it can last for a long time.And yet, hope to uncover the mystery of the lost there, because in the XVIII century the "sovereign people" - Strogonova and Demidov - posed on rock salt mining, copper and iron ore, suddenly became rich, revealing the considerable sums it is silver.