How to breed crayfish home?

How to breed crayfish home?
You will need:
  • pond
  • Aquarium
  • pool
# 1

Despite the fact that there is a perception that cancers can exist only in running water, this situation is not entirelyright.The most important thing for them - this is an opportunity to build dens, and this requires the rocky bottom and clayey shore.To organize such a body of water not too hard: its depth can not exceed 2 meters, and the area - 50 sq.m.Such a pond can be dug by hand.Then, the bottom is filled with stones and sprinkled with sand.Of course, you need drainage.They can serve as a common pipe with a cap.The pond is filled with water, and run cancers.Change the water must be not less than 1 time in 3 weeks for a maximum of one-third.Feed the crayfish should be once a week, fish slices, bread and meat.Breeding crayfish in one season is carried out from 5 to 7 months, depending on the region.Each cancer during this time manages to bring offspring to 30 copies.

# 2

Most often used for aquarium growing cancer larvae to fingerlings.The

whole process can be completely controlled.As a rule, use rectangular aquariums with iron structure volume of 260 liters.At the bottom put gravel, sand, and for much-needed shelter for crabs using stones and stumps larger branches.It is also necessary to install a filter, compressor and other devices necessary for the aquarium.Today the breeding of crayfish in the aquarium from larvae to adult has been little studied, but, according to experts, it is very promising.Predict the ability to reduce the development time of 8 months to 3. In this case, it will be a very promising occupation of the breeding home of crayfish.

# 3

In open ponds to breed crabs can only be in the summer.In the winter cancers fall asleep.Their growth and development stops.But to do business and make a profit entrepreneur wants the whole year.To do this, use the pool, which should be large enough, and the water in it - running.The bottom should arrange suitable for digging burrows.The temperature is to maintain 17 to 23 C. At this temperature cancers develop well and grow.Also, the water in the basin need to saturate with oxygen.