Money in Belarus : Belarusian ruble looks like ?

Money in Belarus : Belarusian ruble looks like ?
You will need:
  • Russian rubles
  • dollars
  • passport
  • bank cards of international payment system
# 1

On Belarusian sites users are increasingly discussing increasing on Russian holidays the number of Russiansfrom neighboring districts with Belarus.Learn them in stores is simple - these buyers are choosing longer than usual bill from his wallet and wonder cheapness of local sausages.So, it looks like the Belarusian ruble, and how quickly convert local prices in Russian rubles, to understand what is expensive and it is cheaper than Moscow?"Bunny", "Bison" and "moose" has long passed into oblivion - after the last denomination in January 2000 put into circulation new banknotes, which Belarusian citizens are paying the price today.Belarusian ruble to the Russian today is 274 to one.This makes a big difference unprepared to deal with the Russians spend millions - that is what in Russia is 3,500 rubles in Minsk will cost a million rubles.In terms of prices would have to share all about 300, which

is a bit inconvenient being translated into rubles or tenge hryvnia, which is necessary to divide and multiply into smaller numbers.

# 2

course in exchange of Belarus slightly differs from the official, up to 2%, which is governed by local law.When exchanging currency in Belarusian rubles is to be ready to receive bills instead of one whole bundle of money.Before you change dollars for rubles, do not have to do anything special - in exchange rates of different banks are almost identical to the rate of exchange restrictions in smaller amounts, in exchange offices in Moscow, no.But to exchange Belarusian rubles back to the currency, it is necessary to present a passport, regardless of summy.Pomenyat unpopular currency can be in the offices of the National Bank's main office is located in the center of Minsk, at the intersection of ul.Lenin and Independence Avenue.Those.the question of how to translate the yuan into rubles, for example, travelers should arise.The smallest denomination face value in Belarus - 50 rubles, until March 2013, there were still outstanding bills 20 and 10 rubles.10 rubles, and then there were the smallest in size denomination, 2.5 times less than the usual bills.The largest denomination banknote - is 200,000 Belarusian rubles, bright green with a holographic stripe on the edge.Belarusian rubles at the size of a little more Russian.

# 3

question of how to translate rubles in pennies, to Belarusians, too, for a long time is not worth - a denomination of 50 cents with the image of the proteins derived from the treatment of 1 January 2001 the Belarusians do not like to keep their earnings in Belarusian rubles andafter each paycheck to buy dollars - sometimes in the days of salary can be seen at the turn of exchangers.After two recent devaluations, one of which is waiting for idle people 2 January 2006, and the second occurred in late October 2011, people have more confidence in foreign than local currency.And all the citizens of Belarus prices referred to in dollars - the sellers in the market, the sellers in private ads.Even in ordinary conversation, if it would be a cost, Belarusian asked: "How much is in dollars?"By the way, now on the Belarusian banknotes are views known local buildings, such as the summer amphitheater in Vitebsk is depicted on the banknote 10 000, and the Mir Castle - on the bill 50 000.