How to make a flap on their own without rituals ?

How to make a flap on their own without rituals ?
You will need:
  • conversation
  • Saying the truth in the face
  • Jealousy
  • Inattention
# 1

Love - it's a great feeling, but sometimes it can take a lot of trouble.For example, it often happens that people fall in love, to which there is no sense, and its persecution it can greatly damage the life of your loved one.Therefore, it is important to get it out of love, but are not always at the same time want to resort to magic.

# 2

conversation.The easiest way how to make your own lapel, a normal conversation with a man fall in love, but not in all cases such communication may be effective.But still worth a try, you need to explain to him that his love is unrequited, and that he just spends his time, causing this pain, not only themselves, but also the man in whom he fell in love.

# 3

Saying the truth in the face.Since quiet conversation can not always act, it is sometimes necessary to resort to more violent methods, namely to rudeness.For example, how to make the lapel of his wife, who

has become a hated and could not understand it, it is not so difficult.You just have to be rude to her, perhaps, in his own words hurt, but it probably will fall behind and will cease to stick with his love.

# 4

Jealousy.Sometimes it is an effective way to start a relationship with another person.After all, he begins to realize that his beloved already have a favorite person is usually the one who is in love.At first he's just jealous, and then gradually, he already tries to pay off all the senses.And this method is one of the most effective, since the flap do so very often.

# 5

lack of attention.Sometimes people in love are so annoying, that few ways to help them turn away from him.However, sometimes apathy, indifference and lack of attention may help, because often even couples break up because of this, if a person begins to feel such an attitude to him.Many people know how to manifest lapel, so probably no one will arise difficulties in this process.So, sometimes it happens that a man in love can not be any roughness or conversation, as it sees that manifest emotions at him, and he begins to eat it.

# 6

Therefore, if he feels that he does not notice and do not react, then soon it can all get bored, and he himself will cease to stick with his love.It is for parameters such people and understand how to determine the lapel.Of course, with the help of rituals much easier to hold the lapel of a particular person, but because not everyone wants to use magic, and therefore have to operate by human methods lapel.