How to remove fingerprints from paper ?

How to remove fingerprints from paper ?
You will need:
  • Napkin
  • Eraser
# 1

fingerprinting as a method of identification used in criminology from the end of the XIX century.The roots of this method, go to the UK, this is where the first to use this method in the identification procedure.Papillary pattern laid during the prenatal period and is unique for each person, even identical twins.

# 2

How to remove fingerprints to be identified?This can be done only by irreversibly damaging the skin of the fingers, burns or cutting the top layer of the dermis.On the surface of the skin is always a potozhirovaya film due to this pattern is drawn.How to clean or have been washed hands, fingerprints remain all the same.

# 3

now increasingly to identify or access using fingerprint scanners.How to enable fingerprint - attach a finger on the sensor window, and ready.Built-in program immediately conduct a comparison of the data and the identification of the subject.Scanners come with optical and thermal sensor.The thermal sensor is almo

st impossible to cheat, the use of inanimate objects excluded.

# 4

with a smooth surface to wipe the prints, you can simply wipe, and how to erase fingerprints from paper?It is very difficult to do, t. To. Potozhirovye allocation penetrate deeply into the loose fiber structure of the paper.You can try to get rid of fingerprints using the eraser.In any case, the paper surface will be damaged.

# 5

about how to find fingerprints all know who ever watched detective.CSU to detect prints using a special composition - a mixture of carbon black with a magnetic powder.It is applied to the surface, which can leave traces expectation, with a brush.At home, it can replace the lead of a pencil shavings.

# 6

The Internet weight silly tips on how to get rid of fingerprints.Law-abiding citizen that knowledge is unlikely to be useful.But still, if you want to time yourself to depersonalize, then fit: tape, glue, epoxy resin, and the most simple gloves.Permanently get rid of the papillary pattern can only be a result of severe burns or injuries of the distal phalanges.