How to carve a swan out of the wheel ?

How to carve a swan out of the wheel ?
You will need:
  • Actually tire itself
  • sharp knife, electric jigsaw or Bulgarian
  • Painting respective colors
  • Wire
# 1

tire must be old.The worn-out bus you take to crafts, the better and smoother looks ready your Swan.Not quite worn tire has a pronounced relief pattern, it will not be able to hide even under a thick layer of paint.Bald tires - it is easier to paint, look swan figure is more aesthetic and more realistic.

# 2

now learn how to carve a swan out of the wheel.Apply markings on the tire with the help of chalk.The lines should pass through the upper part of the tire on both sides to the middle of her.Cut the surface of each tire on the marked lines on both sides.This will be the wings of a bird of the future.The upper part of the wheel cut into two parts, leaving one of them is longer, it would eventually become a swan's neck, and the other part of the reserve is shorter - it will be the swan's tail.Wrenched tire.

# 3

All markup is applied to the wheels on the bus chal

k drawing lines.Having cut, remove the tire and give volume figure.swan's head falls?In order to eliminate this defect, prepare the wire - lock with the help of the neck, give it the desired bend.After completing the work, clean and degrease your crafts.Next, take the paint and turn soulless tire in pure white swan.

# 4

Guide, "how to make a wheel of a swan", requires your imagination and creativity.The tool that you use at work, take your pick.You prefer to get the job done quickly - Take grinders.But get ready for some inconveniences associated with its use - an unpleasant smell and sticking of rubber on the blade.Those who prefer to jig saw, may be faced with the need for frequent replacement of the blades, as they have to break property when working with rubber.Or use a regular knife.But when using the knife you will spend much more time and, more importantly, to make considerable physical effort.It is best to use all the tools as needed - thick places Bus (neck and tail) to cut grinder or jigsaw, and the feathers on the wings cut through with a knife.