Is it possible to become a vampire

Is it possible to become a vampire
You will need:
  • Access to Message summary criminal news
  • bayonet spade
  • Nailing
  • sharp knife
  • Cross (best - silver), clove of garlic, holy water, wooden stake
# 1

As you can see, the transformation into a vampire procedure does not require any rare magical artifacts.However, you will have enough to make a great effort and showed tremendous courage and perseverance.So here's what you need to do in order to turn into a vampire.

# 2

most reliable way to achieve your goal - to get a vampire bite.To do this, first of all, you need to find a real vampire.This will help crime reports.Look for areas where frequent cases of disappearances.As a rule, it is connected with the activities of the vampire who lives there.Finding such an area, go there, taking with him all of the accessories listed above.

# 3

Upon arrival, find a cemetery - there lives a vampire.Grave, where he spends the daytime, you can see the footsteps of fresh dug earth.Make sure that you find exactly what you need, diggi

ng the grave and revealing the coffin.Vampire's body should not have signs of decomposition, and its skin will be pale or purple hue.Making sure that you find the vampire and wait for nightfall.

# 4

When it gets dark, make a small incision with a knife in his hand.The smell of blood draw awakened vampire, who immediately rush to you.It is important not to let him touch her, otherwise he would kill you.Therefore, keep it at a distance with the help of a cross or holy water.This time is used to make contact with a vampire.

# 5

Now your main task - to convince a vampire help you become the same as they are.It will not be easy, you will need all your diplomatic skills.However, many vampires tormented loneliness that makes them from time to time to create their own kind.The main thing - in any case do not try to intimidate him, otherwise he will deceive you, and instead of turning a kill.

# 6

Having obtained consent, clear away all that you scared off a vampire and let him bite you.When a vampire to do it, you will at some time become quite helpless and will depend entirely on him.During this time, a vampire-Mentor will nourish you with his blood.Once the transition period is over, you will gain the abilities of the vampires, which dreamed.

# 7

As you can see, in reality, become a vampire - it is quite feasible task.But before you begin to implement it, think of such shortcomings vampiric existence as eternal hunger, loneliness, fear of being caught.However, the choice is yours.