As noted 1 year baby ?How to celebrate the child 1 year ?

As noted 1 year baby ?How to celebrate the child 1 year ?
You will need:
  • guest list
  • List
  • products Balloons, posters
  • camera
# 1

On the first day of the birth of a baby is usually present as long, and the closestrelatives.Congratulate already grown baby rush grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, brothers, sisters and many other relatives, so if you plan to celebrate a birthday in the house, the table will have to cover large.Do not forget that this is a children's birthday party, so you can invite a few peers of the child with their parents, it was interesting to kiddies with each other.Festive menu will need to be carefully to both adults and kids were well fed and happy.Adult table can consist of a variety of snacks and drinks, but the children's table usually consists of water, milk, baby biscuits and fruit.The children will not go hungry, even if the stock up a few jars of baby puree.

# 2

It's time to think about the holiday cake, let the kid will blow the first festive candle in honor of the holiday - one year.Cake may consist of

children's biscuits.Making child's room should be bright, to attract the attention of both adults and children.You can hang on the wall posters and a variety of colorful beads.Some parents, to celebrate one year are invited to the first festival crumbs heroes of his favorite cartoon, which is an entertainment program.To create a festive atmosphere need to pick up the familiar for the baby music that will be performed, and fun contests.Entertaining guests can be many different ways: you can hang your children's photos and photo of the child and give guests a chance to distinguish who is who, as you can on a large poster paper for each guest to write a wish that will long to please the eye.For participation in the contest to give gifts, so the guest is better to cook a small gift in the form of magnets, chocolates or icons.

# 3

If you do not want to stand at the stove all day, it is possible to transfer the holiday in some children's cafe.It is true here, too, has its disadvantages, it is necessary to negotiate with the rental of premises, with the cooks need to discuss the menu.But you will not have to come up with scenarios of the holiday, decorate the house and think, how to mark the 1 year the child.Sea toys and bright veshchichek will be very useful for small holiday guests.Since the kids are small, sleep can not shoot down them, this is still one drawback holiday in the cafe and children's playroom.At home, you can make a costume celebration in which both children and adults will take part.Scenarios such parties a lot, but still choose someone in that outfit.Even the youngest children can attach to the cheerful company and give them the opportunity to participate in contests such as the "one of the dads will throw up their child", "who of the kids will crawl to the sofa" and many other contests where kids will be happy to take part.

# 4

can also arrange puppet theater at home and show the kids their favorite fairy tale, such as turnip.Of course, actors and children and be sure to encourage gifts.First birthday should be remembered for a long time both parents and children, so the photo album - this is one of the most important things on this holiday.To photo shoot went well, it is desirable to invite a professional photographer, because the memories of this day and age it should be the most memorable bright.The theme of gifts, too, is better to negotiate with the holiday guests.Gifts should be bright, the baby needs and promotes development.Musical mat walkers, and other nice things are developing very helpful.Also relevant are the different blocks and puzzles.Considering all of the above proposals on the organization of the event for a child, this day will be remembered for a lifetime as the bright, cheerful and unforgettable holiday.