How to calculate the alcohol at the wedding how to calculate the amount of alcohol at a wedding ?

How to calculate the alcohol at the wedding how to calculate the amount of alcohol at a wedding ?
You will need:
  • guest list
  • Drinks for redemption
  • Drinks for tenders
  • Drinks on the table
# 1

To learn how to calculate the amount of alcoholwedding, you need to make a list of guests who use those or other beverages.In cafes or restaurants, there are certain stocks of alcoholic beverages, so that the lack of drinks will not be a problem.It is necessary to count the total number of guests who will attend the event, and about to know who uses alcohol because of them.

# 2

Once determined the number of guests you can think of bride price and congratulation to the registrar.Mainly for these moving moments of choosing a drink like champagne.One or two bottles of drink away after the bride groom bought two more bottles opened after the marriage ceremony itself.Also, a few bottles of wine or champagne to take with the cars, because the guests will already be ready to greet you at the time of the groom will carry the bride across the bridge.According to ancient legend, the next two bottles

left intact, they should be opened for the birth of the first-born, and on the first wedding anniversary.It should take a few bottles of mineral water for those guests who will not be involved in drinking alcohol.

# 3

Nowadays a lot of festive competitions carried out with the participation of alcoholic beverages, as well as the greatest demand are such drinks as wine, vodka and champagne, then one bottle of each for the competitions should be put aside.In some competitions may meet such a drink as beer, so three or four glass bottles is also possible to buy just in case.

# 4

alcohol Calculation for a wedding is a very important factor.The most basic drink of vodka is Russian weddings.Buy vodka should be based on the ability of guests to drink it.The average purchase from 300 to 500 ml.per drinker, but some weddings there, and 1 liter per person.There is still the second day of festivities, so long personal deposits.It is also popular beverage of the guests - this wine.It should be selected according to the preferences of the guests, but it is advisable to buy and red and white wine evenly.Bottles also usually buy about one bottle per person.Sometimes the issue of wine can be solved in preparing the festive menu and specify some taste wishes.If your wedding budget allows, if desired, you can diversify the table drinks such as cognac, whiskey, vermouth, liqueur, tequila.Do not forget that these drinks are usually in demand in the youth circle and therefore a lot of them do not have to buy.Some drinks in the appendage will have to buy a Coke or juice.At some weddings, there is a drink like beer, but this is solved individually with every lover of this type of beverage.Wedding drinks also include and soft.We must not forget that the festival will be those guests who do not drink alcohol, as well as small children.We must see to it that on the tables were also soft drinks, juices and mineral water.