How to meet a guy from the army at the station ?How nice to meet a guy at the station ?

How to meet a guy from the army at the station ?How nice to meet a guy at the station ?
You will need:
  • Balloons
  • Flowers
  • Posters
# 1

meeting a guy from the army - it's a special day, you want to hold a bright and unusual.For the sake of such an event it is best to postpone the works, and then to go straight to the station, where the man must take the first step in their native land.Some girls do not know how to meet a guy from the army at the station, and are afraid to do at that moment that something is wrong.In fact, everything is very simple.We need to bring together the best friends of the young man, as well as close relatives and other people, he was glad to see.Together with family and friends, you can create original posters with a greeting.Also, if the number allows a person can make a corridor of flowers and balloons, on which will go to the young man to his most beloved and close friends.

# 2

After a meeting of the army at the station successfully passed, you can arrange a small picnic in the park or stroll through the beautiful places with all your friends

and relatives.During the walk, no one will mind if returning from the army a young man and his girlfriend "run away" from the public eye for some time.You do not need too long to walk with all your friends and relatives in the city.Most of today a guy I want to be alone with his girlfriend, only to spend time with her.For joint pastime perfect café or a movie.It is also possible to arrange the young man a small tour of his hometown, because his absence is certainly a lot has changed.

# 3

preparing a festive table, it is best to set only a good home-cooked food, which is in the army and did not see the guy.Former soldiers properly appreciate such care.Since the arrival of Man from the army - an event that happens once in a lifetime, it is best to ask him what food he would like to see on the holiday table.After the general celebratory dinner time comes a guy and his girlfriend.The best way to start an evening pastime with a light romantic dinner.Required attributes romantic table - a candle and champagne (can be replaced with wine).We need to prepare for any request and reserved young man what some desserts, as well as music player (the guy suddenly wants to dance).During a long separation often have two people in love appears the former tightness, so you need to make the situation as much as possible ease.

# 4

After a long absence as a guy and a girl wants much more convergence than a simple romantic dinner.Do not get too long to delay the moment of viewing old photographs and some film.Therefore, the evening can be translated smoothly into sweet and long-awaited night.Knowing how to meet a young man from the army, it is possible to make an unforgettable impression on the former soldier.But do not expect anything extraordinary from him.Perhaps the habits and preferences of a young person will be completely different, so do not throw at him phrases like "do you remember, before you do so," "but you used to it treated well."It must be remembered that the army makes real men just a boy, and a change in their character sometimes not be avoided.