How original congratulate the newlyweds ?

How original congratulate the newlyweds ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • printer
  • Photographic
  • camcorder
  • Internet
# 1

Wedding - this is the most memorable family event.At such moments, many are asking: "Is it possible to save these memorable moments?", "How original congratulate the newlyweds?".Leave a vivid impression of the festival will help "book wish the young family."You can offer at the beginning of the event to fill it all the guests.Cover page can be issued in the form of two pink hearts in the center of which are the wedding rings and two white doves sitting on their background.First page - this photo of young, above the inscription "Today we have a wedding."Be sure to specify the date of the event.The book is divided into blocks for easy orientation: "The instructions of parents," "Warm words of witnesses," "Greetings brothers and sisters", "Beautiful congratulations native", "Comic greeting friends," etc.

# 2

congratulate the newlyweds can use the photo pictures.It can be ordered on the Internet.Photo pictures p

rinted on canvas, some moments prescribed oil and everything is covered with varnish.Use can be any image, and those substituted newlyweds.Examples of images:.. Classical, fantasy, vintage, movie actors, etc. On the back side you can write original greeting young family.Also, you first need to make some sort of preface.Well, for example: "Recently seen the movie" Mr. & Mrs. Smith "My husband and I came to the same conclusion that the main contenders for their role could be you, Andrei and Marina (the newlyweds names)'s thinking a little bit to us had the idea, to exclusive gift - Photo pictures, where you "are shown in these roles.

# 3

Originally congratulate help rendition.Its definitely need to change, insert humorous words and congratulations.You also need to take into account all the qualities of the bride and groom.Firstly, you need to select a fun, exciting songs, secondly, download soundtrack.For example, you can use the backing tracks of the songs: "Song of the crocodile Genes", "We wish you happiness", "Blue train"...

# 4

Gift newlyweds originally present in the form of a collage.What it is?Collage is a large sheet of paper, where the photos are pasted.These photos may be of different size and genre.The main thing to decide on the theme and design style.All photo collage can be conditionally divided into periods of life: childhood, adolescence, youth.Each distinct moment in the life of the young, should be accompanied by some kind of subtext.In order not to confuse the events, it is better to clarify all the moments with relatives.Do I need a headline such as "bachelor life of Andrei and Marina."To sum up life's journey will help poem - congratulations on your wedding day.

# 5

The extraordinary will and video greetings.You can advance with a video camera, shoot a few pieces, where friends and relatives give kind words - congratulations to the young marriage.In the picture you can improvise, to light fireworks or candles.You can wear a pirate costume, Sponge Bob or Shrek and presented his congratulations on these fabulous characters.It can be a poem, lyrics or couplets.Video greetings can be accompanied by soft background music.All fragments stored on a disc and give young.