How to recognize a vampire ?

How to recognize a vampire ?
You will need:
  • Fortitude
  • Analytical skills
  • Care
  • sense of humor
# 1

Pay attention to people around you.Do you feel coming from someone strong aura?

# 2

Have you noticed during a conversation with someone sticking his incisors, the teeth (fangs) that are a little more pointed than the other teeth?

# 3

Is his skin a little bit cooler than the average temperature of the human body?

# 4

When somebody cuts himself, not that the kind of person seems to draw more attention to himself cut than the man who cut himself?Shows whether such a person an unnatural interest in red color or blood?

# 5

If the person you are kissing, whether it bite you at the same time?If so, whether the bite is strong enough to cause bleeding?Have you noticed that this man sunlight more unpleasant than the others?

# 6

If you were in his house, whether in his room twilight reigns?Are the curtains always drawn?

# 7

Does it reacts more strongly to the smell of garlic or onions?Onions and gar

lic, of course, have a strong flavor, but the vampire smell the smell becomes too pronounced, it shall communicate to the faintness.

# 8

if he could smell the blood?Probably, the vampire can not smell blood, if it is still in the body, but if he could smell the blood flowing from the wound?Do you notice him the state of emotion, almost intoxicated at the sight of spilled blood?

# 9

Pay close attention to the people around you, and you may find that some of your classmates or co-workers is a vampire genes.Perhaps you have the genes themselves.

# 10

Many believe that the number scored in heart, to kill a vampire.Keep in mind that the number scored in the heart of any creature, kill him.This applies not only to vampires.

# 11

Cross, apparently, does not strike vampires as much as we would like to think.It just creates a barrier between you and the vampire.

# 12

Fresh verbena can serve as a good protection against invasion of your mind to it vampire.Some vampires might be able to, temporary or permanent, introduced into the human mind and to listen to his thoughts, even the most deeply hidden.

# 13

Vampires are afraid of water?Not necessary.Sacred water, for example, from the church to the cemetery or the water may affect them, but normal tap water will not produce any effect, but to soak them and their clothes.

# 14

Vampires can control your thoughts, so be careful.And ... see less at night horror movies!