How to determine the energy vampire ?

How to determine the energy vampire ?
You will need:
  • Protection against vampires
  • Energy
  • good and cheerful mood
  • Friends
# 1

With energy vampires we meet constantly.It can be not only colleagues, friends or strangers.Even our family members are sometimes the ones who "steals" our energy.Therefore, as such territorial boundaries vampires living there.

# 2

But as a rule, energy vampires often are those people who work in bureaucratic institutions, government agencies, hospitals and clinics receiving.Of course, it is not necessary to label each employee.

# 3

As a rule, the time for charging the vampire - in the morning rush hour on public transport!They deliberately provoke them strangers people to quarrel and showdown.Think of the reason it will not be difficult.This may be a push in the back, the struggle for a free seat on the bus or just any abandoned the phrase out loud, they will pick up immediately, thus starting his monologue.

# 4

Do not forget that energy vampires sometimes do not notice that they are

fueled by a foreign power.Therefore, as the vampire attack is planned and impulsive.

# 5

In addition, there are vampires donor.They are fueled by the energy of the weaker people, but themselves become donors to the more powerful vampires.

# 6

If you want to meet the energy vampire, or vice versa, to avoid such a love, explore your surroundings carefully.The person who constantly complains about his fate, he sees life only in the black bars, and his anger tears at others, and there is a vampire.Energy vampires are desperate jealous.They harass the half constant inquiries, thus feeding it with energy.

# 7

At the meetings are always present energy vampires.In addition, the vampires like to visit the scene of the tragedy and the tragic events that nourished negative emotions.

# 8

Very often suspicious people are powerful vampires.They can spend hours talking about their "diseases", so that all attention was focused on their person.Such vampires suck from the people around them the last juices.Make the world revolve only around their problems.Often, these energy vampires can be found in hospitals, clinics.They "make" the doctors put them in a room where, under the guise of treatment, begin to feed off the energy of the other patients.Unfortunately, this neighborhood affects very unfavorably on these patients.If you feel that your condition worsens, immediately ask the medical staff to move you to another room.

# 9

If you know you will be meeting with the Vampire, take the necessary measures for protection.It is advisable to avoid all the planned talks.But if it fails, you will learn how to set the lock, a protective shield between you and the vampire.Of course, all this is happening at a subconscious level.If possible, avoid prolonged eye contact, dodge directed gaze vampire.Thus, you will not allow him to communicate with you, for which energy is usually selected from the victim.

# 10

In addition, the vampires themselves feel, and find their desired energy source.If you realize that you are a man who unwittingly attracts vampires learn to sever such links.Lock your energy, to once again not to become a donor.

# 11

Many people do not believe in the concept of "energy vampire."But do not deny the fact that there are people, after communicating with whom my heart felt empty, his head heavy, and power is only out to lie in bed.Try as much as possible to avoid contact with such people.Learn to recognize them in the crowd and put the defense at the time.