How original congratulate her husband on his birthday?

How original congratulate her husband on his birthday?
You will need:
  • cardboard
  • markers
  • family photos
# 1

original question of how to congratulate your favorite birthday of concern to many women.To get started is to decide on a gift budget.If the budget is decent, then you can buy an expensive gift, like a good watch, which he had long wanted, or a beautiful suit for work.You can enjoy dinner at the restaurant and surprise him with a gourmet food and wine.And you can just buy tickets at any - any country where you have long planned to go together and have a rest there.My husband certainly be delighted, and common recreation brought together for a long time.

# 2

her husband's birthday only comes once a year, so on this day the wife should take care about how it will look.You can pre-register at the beauty salon and the morning while sleeping favorite, arrange marafet.It will surprise and please him.Morning surprise can complete the unusual breakfast in bed.We must not forget about the evening dress, you need to buy the most beautiful u

nderwear.Let everything be perfect.And the image can complete the glittering necklace or jewelery.Try this day look stunning.

# 3

to congratulate the original spouse does not have to spend a lot of money, especially if they and so no.You can make a gift with their own hands.Take a large cardboard, pre-print more of your total family photos from different meetings, trips, holidays.And just paste these photos in any order on the board, and cute captions make this poster a unique and soulful.You can also create a photo album and also to sign a photo, important not to limit yourself to the imagination, to come up with interesting inscriptions.You can also make a photo of a funny collage.

# 4

unusual gift to her husband is that he did not expect this gift.Make a mini kitchen - repair their own hands, hang a picture on the wall, wash his car.Believe me, my husband will appreciate this original present in men's style.Now in stores selling cheap wallpaper, you can carefully glue them on adhesive tape in a room and write in large letters congratulation.Of course the husband may at first afraid that izrisoval wallpaper, but when you realize what's going on, it will be very nice and funny.You can paste photos on adhesive tape as the wallpaper, they will be easy to remove and it will look very nice.

# 5

can write under windows on the pavement colors congratulation husband will appreciate such a gift.But we must remember that the paint should be waterproof, or incidental rain or washing machine for asphalt will wash away all your efforts.Suppose that in this case will help the children, they love to tinker with the colors and you will be a little easier to write such big letters.It is not necessary to write banal congratulations, you can draw that - something original and come up with a nice little verse.The main thing is not to limit the impulses of his imagination, even if all the senses will be written on the pavement.

# 6

Sometimes a gift for her husband may be a joint trip to the spa - a salon or a massage, but will need to pre-register in the interior, it has not turned a misfire.This is doubly helpful and pleasant.A husband can give a subscription to a favorite sport - hall or some exercise.Such gifts are interesting in that they are active.You can spend the day together, enjoy new experiences, to enjoy each other's company.There are also tickets for a joint photo session, for example in a nautical style, or in a country - style.Photos will be a long time to remind about this wonderful day, a photo shoot itself a great reason to have fun together.

# 7

If the head does not come no ideas, and no time at all, you can buy a large teddy bear or rabbit.In women, there was a stereotype that the soft toy men do not like, but this is not the case.Many of them are very fond of, are just afraid to admit it, shy of children's wishes.Any woman may do so naive childhood dream and buy a big blue hare.It is a very funny and fun, and then it can be used instead of padded stools in the bedroom or to give to children.You can advance to tie a toy big beautiful bow, then the gift will be even more original.A cute otkrytochku in the hands of a soft animal will add tenderness and will be a welcome addition.