How quickly pass the time ?

How quickly pass the time ?
You will need:
  • My favorite book or magazine
  • Phone
  • Good mood
  • willingness to wait for a sufficiently long period of time
# 1

To start think for how much time you have to bepending.If it is 10-15 minutes, you can not worry.Despite the fact that the time will last for a long time, you do not even have time to get angry and do not tell a fact, someone waiting for bad things.During this period, you can take a stroll, watch the news, buy a newspaper ...

# 2

If you wait to be long, it is important to recall some of his actions and execute them.If you do not have such an opportunity, go to nearby shops.You can learn the value of things that you need, just to get acquainted with the latest developments in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest.

# 3

You can also grab a snack in the cafe.Now they are almost on every street, and choose a suitable institution is not difficult.Take advantage of it.Finally you will be able to eat without rushing away on urgent business.Slowly, select favorite food, orde

r a coffee or a cocktail.

# 4

You can combine business with pleasure.Remember the last time you read something interesting?An hour and a half of waiting, you can not only choose a bookstore or newsstand book or magazine, and read them at least half.

# 5

Call your family and friends.For the sweet chatter you will not notice how fast time flies.You get a lot of new information (even just gossip), will be able to share what's new with you.

# 6

Always carry a diary.You can create and save a list of upcoming cases or shopping.Or maybe wait would be an occasion to write a poem or short story exciting.

# 7

Do not get angry.Lingering meeting is late girlfriend - it's not a tragedy in your life.In the end, the delay can happen to anyone of us.Perhaps you yourself have come before the meeting, and the first 20 minutes of waiting for his own fault.

# 8

Remember that there are situations when it is not worth the wait.If you're a girl - respect yourself and do not wait for a man who is late.In this case, the reason is not important (it plugs, or the fact that he slept).The only reason to wait for the call can be requests to give it another 5 minutes.If your friend is late on a regular basis, do you leave your home or workplace with 10 minutes late position.Even if today it will come in time, the expectation is justified.

# 9

Keep a good mood, and wait for the benefit of yourself!