How original congratulate a colleague ?Original ways of congratulations on the anniversary

How original congratulate a colleague ?Original ways of congratulations on the anniversary
You will need:
  • Excellent mood
  • original approach
  • Internet
  • Balloons
# 1

Holiday - it is always a joy for man.And all of us in the shower waiting for something nice and good, and not always is expensive gifts.This may just be the kind words from the heart, and little surprises.And if a person close to you and pleasant, why not please him at the feast?And it does not necessarily have to be your relative or friend.They may turn out to be a colleague with whom you have a good relationship, and for which no pity to spend some time picking congratulations.

# 2

If approaching birthday colleagues, it's time to think about how original happy birthday colleague.Beforehand you should pick up a nice wish.If you do know how to write requests, scribble a few lines from the heart and in the Festival credited his congratulations.If you have this problem, you can use the Internet and write suggestions on a postcard.Next, you should think over the gift.Think what you like your colleague, for exampl

e, if it is a fan of fishing, he will be pleased a new set of rods, if take care of health, would be a wonderful gift subscription to the swimming pool.If you play golf, give a set of golf clubs.By the gift of flowers can be attached as desired.

# 3

If a colleague whom you are going to congratulate you do not know so well and close, to choose as a gift to be something that it would be necessary and useful, regardless of his hobbies and taste preferences.A great gift to serve as a notebook or expensive branded pen.If your colleague smokes, you can pick up an original lighter.Also in the form of a gift suitable good bottle of wine and a box of chocolates.

# 4

addition to the main gift, you can make a little surprise in the morning - to send musical greeting on your mobile phone.This kind of gift will be relevant not only for his birthday, but also on any other holiday, whether it is professional holiday, and March 8, when it comes to women, or 23 February if your male colleagues.Musical gift will be very original greeting that will give a lot of positive emotions and festive mood for the whole day.

# 5

If you have the opportunity to get photos of the birthday, you can make the most Photogazette on Whatman paper with pictures of different ages.This will cause a surprise colleagues pleasant, warm memories and will not leave anyone indifferent.It is also worth to remember that an essential attribute of any holiday - balloons.You can hang a few pieces in the corners of your office colleagues, or, if the situation allows, throw in unlimited quantities throughout the room.

# 6

not necessarily limited to the celebration of the triumph of colleagues working day.You can meet the team and after work and continue the fun in a relaxed atmosphere.For example, you can go to the bowling club.Or even go out of town.As you can see there are many ways how to congratulate a colleague at work, the most important thing to maintain a festive atmosphere and maintain a positive attitude.