How to meet a friend from the army ?

How to meet a friend from the army ?
You will need:
  • posters
  • company
# 1

Meet of another army should be beautiful and lush as demobilization, a holiday for every man.Only to meet human need in different ways, depending on the attitude of the former soldiers to meet.Others come from the army only once, therefore it is necessary to carefully prepare.At this point, everyone has their own task layer.For example, if a soldier friend, you need to organize a meeting of the army like something fun, like a party.If the company only men to buy beer, wine, snacks, organize music.This will be an ideal meeting, as the statistics show, because there is much fun in the army, only sad songs with a guitar.Just do not overdo it, your old parents need to deliver the value and safety!So, then ... If this woman / wife of a soldier, the best solution would be to organize a dinner at home with candles, put on a beautiful dress, because, as you know, with girls in the deficit of the army.Very welcome delicious food, such as well-cooked meats, sausa

ges and a good expensive wine!

# 2

big event is a meeting of army soldiers.Posters - good idea!It is an opportunity to please a friend directly from the windows of the train;it will be a pleasure and his comrades in the service will be even a little jealous of this attention to his person.Next, organize a meeting of the army have to go home in the first place, because it is very important for any soldier.There is an option to buy a lot of balls, for example, the number of days that he celebrated, though it will be very expensive.Also, the idea of ​​fireworks, but they have to wait until browning.Lovely thought about the picnic, only to prepare for the arrival of a friend from the army need to advance: to pack a tent, marinate meat, choose a place of rest, preferably near the river.You can decorate it nicely, the same banners and balloons.But in general, the other will be pleasant any troubles with it the arrival of the army.By the way, you can find the script in the Internet, they are now very much.Some actions are played from the platform of the train, and if one cheerful and positive person, then such a development it is very pleasant.

# 3

If a girl wants to meet a friend from the army, which she her young man, it must come up with a plan of action in advance.It can be, for example, so that when she saw the car with her beloved, she should wave to him, even though his hand, but it is possible and a colorful poster with a photo and a huge joint romantic inscriptions.After the young man out of the car, it should hug him, since it is impossible to imagine how they both waited for this embrace for eternity!Then, communicating on the move, she should offer to start where the guy wants.He is likely to choose a house or parents.It is better to go with him, but in a dialogue of parents and the guy does not get involved, because they can ask the girl to leave, so that more time to spend with your loved little boy.After a parent meeting with the young man take a stroll in the park.You do not need to go to the movies, because the guy I want to spend a longer time with his beloved.Closer to the night you need to say goodbye to experience the so-called "romantic hangover" the next day.That meeting considered several options for the long-awaited friend from the army.One only has to remember that he would be glad of any concern on the part of relatives and friends!