How to meet the brother of the Army ?

How to meet the brother of the Army ?
You will need:
  • festive table
  • knowledge flavors brother
  • love
  • patience
  • beat
# 1

In Soviet times there was a popular song: "Only two winters,only two springs and repay you how to get back. "Now everything is much easier and faster.It would seem that only saw off yesterday, but flashed one year, and has been on the agenda the question arises - how to meet the brother of the Army.And the distances are not the same.Of course, Russia is a huge country, because earlier on it was possible to get into one of another fourteen republics, plus the group of troops in Eastern Europe, Mongolia.Some throws and away!And who is served previously could count on one hand the number of times of calling home for two years?That's just it.And today there is a possibility of regular, almost daily contact by phone or over the network.

# 2

course, military service is difficult at all times.And for a time, even one year a completely different feel to the barrack bed.But, nevertheless, with a reduced, at p

resent, life and the possibility of regular communication, the tragedy of separation and the euphoria of meeting several lubricated.However, ka However, the brother of the meeting of the army - it is very serious, and we must prepare for it thoroughly.The first, of course, is the day of the meeting itself.If it is known in advance, then, of course, one of the main components - the organization of the festive table.Who, if not a brother or sister to know that most of all loves their brother coming back.Hence, the need to help the mother and father with celebrations organization, shopping and cooking.

# 3

If the older brother of junior army waiting, he must think, with his father, that the meeting did not muster many days turned into a banal booze."Dembelnuvshiesya" children often consider themselves to be supermen to whom everything is permitted, frustrated with the brakes.It was then that the authority of the older men in the house and must play a role.The holiday - a holiday, but you need to know when to stop, do not break the way of family life.Politely, lovingly but firmly, we must remind the soldier that he must register with the recruitment office and begin to adapt to civilian life.Of course, you can and should afford to rest - that is, perhaps, the brothers and sisters organize it before the return of his brother.

# 4

brother or sister must take into account that men cool husband gain physical shape, grow in breadth of service for the year.That is, those things that bore little brother to call, it may be small.You can imagine how happy he would be if he would be glad to welcome new things from clothing and footwear, today, according to the current fashion trends.Again, no one but the brothers and sisters, do not know so deep his tastes and preferences in clothing.When planning how to meet the Army's brother, you can advance "look around", to speak with familiar people, with the aim to choose the defender of the motherland have served decent job.For the year could change a lot, so the task of the older brother or sister - keep your finger on the pulse of the job situation, maybe ask for somewhere "withhold" favorite place to youngest.

# 5

And another very important point.If a brother serving in the army, my dear brother or sister, they are surely aware of all the latest developments in the village, district, city, that, one way or another related to their relative.It happens that not everything is going well, some events are overgrown with rumors, gossip, Hex.This may relate to girls and his brother, and his past relationships with friends and acquaintances.Perhaps we should think in advance a course of conduct to prepare a "atmosphere", tune in to a serious conversation with his brother, to avoid clashes, conflicts and how extreme offenses.And yet - it is, of course, first and foremost - a big celebration, and for parents, and for my sisters and brothers.Organize and conduct it must be so for life were only good memories.