How to entertain guests in nature with the help of competitions ?

How to entertain guests in nature with the help of competitions ?
You will need:
  • coins, toys, pen, stone
  • line, a piece of paper
# 1

entertain guests through konkursovNe all men are punctual, and can arrive on time, so the firstguests need to entertain.How to entertain guests outdoors?Box with a secret.On the table put a box, inside of which are small parts (such as coins, toys, stick, stone, eraser).Each holds out his hand in, the touch is trying to determine what's inside, my guess guest secret from the other records on the prepared sheet of paper.The winner is the guest who more accurately determine the contents of the box.

# 2

snowball.How to entertain your company?Guests stand in a circle and called his name in order.The first guest calls your name, the name of another guest calls first and your name, and so to return to the first guest.You can add the game: to speak his name, and fruit, which is the first letter of the first name of the letter.

# 3

And when all the guests have arrived and met, we can safely invite all to the table.So tha

t visitors do not get bored and not separated, they spend quiet competitions at the table.

# 4

keen eye.How to entertain guests at the table?On the table laid out a variety of items, and a notebook with assignments.The aim is that the visitor is not touching the hands of the subject, must determine, for example: line - the length;magazine - the number of pages;pear - weight.Tasks can be of different nature.

# 5

After the guests to perform a task, the festival host will read the correct answers prepared in advance.The winner is the guest, whose response was most true.For all the guests arrived, but for some reason no one talks to each other?Introduced the guests!

# 6

Fixed.How to entertain friends?Guests are situated close to one another in a circle, one of the guests there is a balloon.Getting to flip the ball, everything seems to be simple.But there is one important rule: the participants are prohibited to take your feet off the ground, or go with her point.For each violation of the rules is penalized by a guest.Get three penalty points, a guest leaves the circle and stops playing.The winner is the guest who will be the longest in the circle.

# 7

WELCOME DANCE.How to entertain a man?Guests are divided into pairs (male and female).Couples stand in the center of an imaginary star dance floor.When the music starts playing, couples should as far as possible to dance in the style to which music is.The winner is to quickly find a pair, and most importantly, to convey the essence of style.On this beautiful vacation contest may end, or the company can return to the table.