How to Tie a Tie : in pictures , descriptions

How to Tie a Tie : in pictures , descriptions
You will need:
  • Tie, instruction
  • shirt, teddy bear
# 1

Tie, is a mandatory attribute of every man.It has long been no secret that the elegant tie has become a part of women's wardrobe, and if it fits his style and is part of the image.Correctly tie a tie is not easy, but having gained some experience, some time will do it without any difficulty.In many families, it is assumed that to tie a tie to the man's wife to be - this is one of her daily duties.If a young person is not married, he has to study the material on their own, how to tie a tie.In Pictures provides a detailed step by step instructions.Therefore, with the help of this article will acquire the necessary skills that can be useful in any life span.

# 2

amazing story of a tie, given its origins in the late XIX century.A large number of handkerchiefs, which were wound around his neck, ribbons, bow ties, were a kind of attribute.In modern times, a man wearing a tie is respect for his own person only one appearance.Now it is d

ifficult to imagine a successful leader without this part of the wardrobe.It is important that colors correspond to the suit and tie, the upcoming event.Quite often ties adorn the elegant clip that talks about the financial welfare of its owner.Further offers for consideration the most popular men's four ways of tying a tie.

# 3

most basic and classic way, which is used most of the men - a narrow node, it is ideal for owners not too long neck.To fasten it, you need to throw the tie around the neck so that the widest part of the tie was two times longer than the narrowest part.After this part of the cross so that the general was at the top.The third step is to carry out a wide part of the tie under the narrow part and again put her up a narrow portion (hinge should turn).In this loop thread the widest part and pull it to the very top (closer to the chin).Below you will see another loop, and here it is necessary to lower the widest part of the tie.At the end of the tie should be tightened for greater convenience.

# 4

second method of tying a tie - is Windsor.Such harmonious name says about the complexity of this method of tying a tie.Node turns wide, but very resilient.To begin it is necessary, as in the first embodiment, putting the wide part of the tie and cross it to the right to reach the upper loop (under the collar), from left to right under the narrow part of the hold wide so that she could be back on top of the narrow.The next step, necessary to pass the wide part of the tie from the bottom up in a loop near the chin and lower in the bottom of the newly formed loop.After, fasten.Danae tying tie technology is suitable for men with a long neck and looks pretty massive, though is some complexity in the implementation.

# 5

The third way - a lightweight version of the second (ie, Windsor..) Poluvindzor.It fits perfectly to all types of men's appearance.Quality and tailoring shirts also have no special significance.The first step - the standard.The wide part of the tie lies on a narrow (in this broad, it should be about thirty centimeters long, narrow).Wide edge passes through the narrow and rising upward passes through the loop back at the same position.Further, the widest part of back rests on top of a narrow, bottom comes in a loop under the collar and down the newly formed loop.Of course, any way to do the first time is not easy, especially without an assistant.Therefore, it is necessary to train, or in front of a mirror, or a teddy bear.

# 6

most famous and popular method is the fourth - Pratt knot.To learn and help, how to tie a tie in the pictures give a complete description.Therefore, carefully repeating each step, you can achieve a good result.So, this kind of setting is that originally put the tie should be inside out to the widest part was a long, narrow, but it was under.The second step - is to reach a wide part in a loop near the chin and gently lowered down.Next, you need to put on top of the wide and narrow at the top again threaded through the resulting node.Make it is not difficult to remain simply tighten.

# 7

some practice, you will improve your skills in tying beautiful tie knots.Keep in mind that the site must be perfectly smooth and have no folds Outcome tying must combine a broad and a narrow part, making them the same length.Different age categories of men prefer different types of knots.Some rush to the fashion, while others prefer sites that are acceptable is in the business area of ​​society.Therefore choose a method of tying must carefully to match the image and the event.Acceptable length of the tie-crib for any weight class of men must be such as to tie the edge a little bit can reach the belt buckle or was a little longer.

# 8

Through precise, clear images and detailed instructions in this article, even a person who for the first time holding a tie, will be able to learn how to tie it.Having examined the four most simple and popular ways of tying knots, you can choose a more suitable for the constitution and the upcoming event.Do not forget about the rules of selection and tie it according to the selected face and suit.Let it be a little longer than normal, but in any case not shorter.Tie - an attribute of a solid, successful, prosperous person who has social status and position in society.Therefore, his wife should be able to tie a tie with closed eyes, that it will facilitate the task to her husband.