How to cook stove for a bath out of the pipe ?

How to cook stove for a bath out of the pipe ?
You will need:
  • pipe welding machine;
  • steel sleeve;
  • metal plates;
  • valve with a valve;
  • cobblestones
# 1

bath at their summer cottage - an essential attribute, symbolizing the closeness of the home country to the ethnic group.And the main functional element of a bath - a stove.There are several types of furnaces for the bath, but the most common, relatively inexpensive and simple option is considered to be the furnace for a bath out of the pipe.When the bath itself has already been built, just before a cook stove for a bath, it is necessary to equip the place for her.In other words - the first step is to lay the groundwork.It is best to make it concrete, the thickness of 25-30 cm

# 2

Next, what should take care -. Is to protect the wooden wall of the pair from the negative effects of high temperature.It is possible to build a protective screen of bricks height of 120 cm. The distance from the screen to the oven must not be less than 20 cm. Having mastered the skills of constructio

n furnace for a bath, you can think about how to make fire from the oven and set a similar means of heating in the house.

# 3

very important step - assembling the furnace.The pipe should be divided into two parts: 0.9m - for heating and heaters and 0.6 m - under the water tank.The pipe should be cut a hole for the blower and mount a round steel plate over it.The ash pit should be placed furnace grate, securing it with four specially trained in advance "ears."Because instructions on how to fold the stove with your hands can be seen that such work requires some public skills in welding, it is necessary to carry out carefully and accurately.

# 4

next step - preparing a niche for heating in the pipe and fabrication of door latch.Then over a furnace heater.The back wall of the pipe should be fully welded, the stove filled with boulders at the top of the oven is necessary to fix a steel sleeve.Among the recommendations on how to build an oven, there is another important point - the installation of the tank.By the bottom of the tank for hot water to be welded to a circle with a prepared hole chimney.Next you need to fix the chimney in the bottom of the tank.

# 5

top of the tank is necessary to close a semi-circular steel plate with the prepared hole, then welded it to the chimney.In the lower part of the tank is necessary to mount a gate valve.Here is a brief on how to build the stove.In the house the oven performs some other function than in the bath, but the principle of action is somewhat similar.It is possible to construct a similar structure to the chimney in the building, but without the hot water tank.Build a body of stone and you get something like a fireplace.This stove for a bath is easy to construct improvised, and respond to their functional requirements, it will be at 100%.