How to check the money on the falseness ?

How to check the money on the falseness ?
You will need:
  • banknotes
  • Flashlight
# 1

Currently significantly increased the level of crime and fraud.It is often found in use counterfeit money.A person can get fake money for payments in shops, currency exchange, or when removing an ATM.

# 2

fact that even modern ATMs are not equipped with a sufficient level of protection against counterfeiting.That is why every person should know how to check the money fake.High-quality counterfeits is quite difficult to immediately identify.Check to start with the surface of the paper.Fraudsters use paper with a smooth surface, but the real bill is rough and relief.

# 3

Experts say that the scammers do not know how to forge a security thread.It is important to check the quality of fine text, they should be legible to read.Counterfeit bill will be different from the present lack of microprinting "CBR" on the reverse side of the grille.The new banknote of 1000 rubles has 25 degrees of protection, but the offenders that does not stop.Accordin

g to statistics, most often are you doing large bills, and 98% - the banknote of 1000 rubles.On banknotes of 500 and 1000 rubles depicted monuments to Peter the Great and Yaroslav the Wise, respectively, with slanting light beneath these images must be the sign "PP".

# 4

counterfeiters can distinguish works by micro perforation quality.CBR to issue banknotes with laser micro, which is the lumen is perfectly aligned on the shape and size of the holes.Fraudsters make perforation needles, so irregularities can be on the surface of the banknote.You should also pay attention to the watermarks, colored hair, holograms, which should be poured from violet shades to green, and so on. N.

# 5

real money, you can check the quality of paint used, which does not lose color when interacting withwater.In any bill should alert a single color or a dark image of the sign of water.The real money is an even distribution of tones.Knowing the main features of counterfeits, people can protect themselves.It is very important to pay attention to a special free field, which is located to the left of the main image.

# 6

should remember that it is always fakes monotonous, but on the genuine banknotes when tilted shimmering colored oblique lines.It should be noted that the signs of a lot of fakes, and remember everything very difficult, so it is best to ask for verification of the bank, which will check for a certain percentage of the amount.As practice shows, the minimum percentage set in the Savings Bank of Russia.