How to light the stove : Safety

How to light the stove : Safety
You will need:
  • -bumaga;
  • -schepki;
  • -firewood;
# 1

Melt furnace is not so difficult.To do this, open the door on the grid to outline the crumpled paper, and put it on top of wood chips.Then lay the wood and set fire to the paper from underneath.Regulate the magnitude of the flame in the furnace can be by means of the blower.To lift it can be immediately after the door is closed.As soon burn through the wood, it should go to sleep a little coal and ash-pit cover.Here's how to properly light the stove.It is important to ensure that the door and ash pit are not simultaneously exposed to fire from the furnace did not spread into the room.

# 2

With prolonged use of heating buildings is impossible to avoid the appearance of cracks on its body, of which the house brings down the smoke.According to safety regulations, are not allowed stove operation, located in that state.It is therefore important to know how to cover up the stove.This will require a solution consisting of clay and sand in the

ratio 4: 2 diluted with a little water.Before applying it should be insisted 12:00 under plastic sheeting.Then it can be mixed and applied to the building.

# 3

Employees MOE remind citizens that another danger of using furnace is leaking carbon monoxide deadly to humans.Know how to make the stove in the country should secure each.But here all the details are in compliance with the rules of operation.Namely, do not release the heat of the furnace damper should be closed only when all the little blue lights disappear over the coals.

# 4

course, the stove is a kind-hearted country house.It makes the room especially cozy, so it is important to take care of her appearance.There are many safe ways to decorate the stove.Option named vacationers classic - plastered and whitewashed.The modern interior is better to fit a stove, lined with tiles.A special room will give a romantic finishing furnace artificial or natural stone.The choice of finish is determined by the flight of imagination and material possibilities garden owner.

# 5

course, some cottage without baths.Construction of the furnace in the house is different from how to install the stove in the bath, but in this case, too, it is important to comply with all safety regulations, both in the construction and during operation.Materials for laying and finishing furnace must be self-extinguishing.Compliance with these guidelines not only make the oven safe, but also will give cottagers lot of warmth and comfort even in winter days.