How to keep the chopsticks ?

How to keep the chopsticks ?
You will need:
  • Wooden sticks
  • Leisure
  • Food, separated into pieces
  • Plate
  • saucer
# 1

People who inhabit Europe, as a rule,use cutlery that allow them to prick pieces of food or liquid in small portions dial dishes.The first of these, of course, familiar to all the plug, and the second - no less famous spoon.But those who live in Asia, enjoyed an early age with special sticks, advanced to a place where they held the fingers and refined to ensure that the food is intended to capture pieces.Sticks can be wooden, plastic or made of tusks and horns of animals.The latter type of products are sold in specialty stores and are quite expensive.Plastic - correspondingly cheaper, but not as common.

# 2

But wood have been used throughout the world and are often necessary when ordering a free addition tasty and wholesome food in a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.These two pieces are packaged and used according to the principle of tweezers, but one that does not have top and bottom two must be h

eld with one hand.At first it may seem impossible to keep the fingers of one hand the two sticks and grab them with small pieces of food.However, over time it becomes commonplace and the person copes with this task.He learns to skillfully hold a piece of food with chopsticks and easily send it into his mouth.Those who know how to hold chopsticks, advised to first take them in hand and do not focus on them.

# 3

looking at the food, it is necessary to try to awaken their instincts using this cutlery.Many, therefore, turns quickly learn to eat with chopsticks, do not teach this in special courses.However, if this method does not give its results, you should still learn to hold the sticks properly fingers.To do this: - turn the hand so that its outer edge was looking down;- The little finger and ring finger should be slightly bent;- Index and middle disconnect;- Large bend slightly to the side, toward you;- One stick is placed at the base of the thumb and the ring;- The second lays down on the finger pads and captured thumb and index;- Connect and disconnect rod ends allow the movement of the middle finger.

# 4

Some clamped bottom wand ring finger and little finger.It's not very convenient, but it is one of the possible ways to use chopsticks.Others hold thumb and forefinger the upper rod and the lower middle and ring.At the same time again to move a finger, and the rest are playing a supporting role.In Asia, there are practically no instructions explaining how to hold chopsticks, because the people living in that part of the world, from an early age learn this, achieving excellence in the application of this type of cutlery.Many of them can easily collect risinki sticks in a cup, then sending them to the mouth.A novice to use chopsticks, as a rule, can not take even a piece of land of medium size.

# 5

But practice allows us to develop skill, so if you do not happen once for dinner in a Japanese or Chinese restaurant with chopsticks, do not be upset.Especially in such places you can always ask the most ordinary, familiar to any Europeans cutlery.As example, fork, knife and spoon.The employees of such institutions have long aware of the fact that their visitors a real challenge food with chopsticks, so keep in store several sets of conventional devices.Other restaurants, in order to avoid loss of customers trying to serve immediately set consisting of fork, knife and spoon, as an alternative to sticks.In an extreme case, if there was no plug in an institution, you can send food into your mouth with your fingers.This prescribe rules of conduct in a Japanese restaurant.

# 6

Reading through publications on how to properly hold the sticks, find information about that in Asia there is a certain etiquette, which prescribes: - elbow hands, which held wand must be lowered down;- Chopsticks can not knock each other out;- Food should not prick on one of the rods;- Noodles, eaten with the help dubbed cutlery, not wound, but just prihvatyvayut;- If the food is served sauce, dip the pieces of it at the last, so that sticks do not fall into it.To avoid damage to yourself and others physical damage to: - keep the wand lowered thin ends down;- Not waving his arms during a meal;- Not to bend to the plate and lift sticks with food stuck to the mouth, to make secure, we must keep the second hand saucer.

# 7

Sometimes you can not use cutlery described only for the reason that it is made of a very smooth material or colored paint.Therefore, at the first failure, simply stop using it.Those who already know how to eat chopsticks, recommend taking only conventional, created from wood.They do not slide, thus processed quite well because they can not be damaged or fingers or the oral mucosa or tongue.However, before applying them, it's worth to consider them for inferior treatment.Those that are made from the tusks or horns of various animals are sold very rarely, and in a normal restaurant they did not find.But if we can get them, you have to re-learn to use chopsticks, because they are quite hefty and therefore not entirely comfortable.