How to congratulate on the job on March 8 ?

How to congratulate on the job on March 8 ?
You will need:
  • gift
  • toy
  • holiday
  • flowers
# 1

When comes the time of holidays, involuntarily want to come up with just the perfect scenario.In particular, when it comes to women's 8th of March.It's time to move on and come up with not only what is present, but also how to present it properly.Most greetings are eerily banal, and so want to please colleagues something more interesting.What to do in this case?How to organize a perfect holiday?What to look for and how to avoid common mistakes in choosing a gift?All this will be discussed below.So how on March 8 congratulate the women to remember it for years to come?First you need to decide how many of the fair sex have in the team.After all, spend a perfect holiday is clearly not succeed without a monetary investment.You should not select someone especially for sympathy - this behavior can cause an uproar and further conflicts.

# 2

appropriate to buy a more expensive gift boss, as well as all buy flowers.After all, as to congratulate

on March 8 a bright, is not always clear.But the flowers should be in any case.This is primarily a celebration of spring!If finances permit, it is better to buy a beautiful roses.Let it be for each one, but at the same time beautiful and blooming.Tulips are also the perfect choice!But do not even need to think about how to celebrate each girl with one flower, we need a bouquet.Let it will be at least 5 tulips, look at all you need, again based on the budget.With colors more or less it became clear.Now it is necessary to think about how people tend to celebrate March 8 as this festival is celebrated in the team.If there are older women, then you can consider the option of expensive chocolate.It will be very appropriate.Young girls can even be purchased for a soft toy.

# 3

No need to give a shower set and stuff!A good gift would be an expensive perfume, but cost is a pleasure to be very expensive, in addition, still need to know and taste of every woman.You can do everything a little differently.Gifts is good, but a little corporate - even better.Give flowers and cover chic table, which will be fun contests and interesting entertainment program - much better than any gift.But, again, if the staff is not very friendly, and such gatherings only to aggravate the situation, it is better to abstain.It may be noted an interesting fact that may be useful to someone in the organization of celebration March 8 - appeared as a holiday.Earlier that day assumed the fight for equality.yet no one thought at this time on how to congratulate their colleagues.Everything was done very simply, colleagues exchanged greetings.Some men may give flowers or read poetry as a sign of reverence and respect for the women who work with them.